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Accentuating Small Space with Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Wine collecting, starting your own California wine cellar, and hosting wine tasting parties is becoming more and more popular these days. Anyone who has interest in wine can choose to pursue this passion with all the great products and services related to wine.

One of the most exciting aspects about wine collecting is how it is displayed- whether in a wine cellar or any area of the house.  There are different kinds and styles of wine storage racks available on the market. They come in a wide variety of designs to meet the different requirements of each wine collector.


Why Opt for Wall Mounted Wine Racks

For a small wine collection, wall wine racks are an ingenious way to display your wine bottles in a wine cellar, kitchen, dining room, or living room. They actually fulfill both functional and aesthetic purposes by keeping wine bottles secure as well as creating a very attractive wine display.

One look at these beauties and you’d think that you are looking at a modern art installation. Plus, they allow you manage your wines well and store your wine in the ideal horizontal position. Since this type of wine rack is mounted on the wall, it saves a lot of space compared to floor wine racks.

Another advantage of wall wine racks is the prevention of your wine bottles from being accidentally knocked out of the rack due to some shaking such as with an earthquake. This can be achieved if the wine rack is manufactured and installed properly.

Materials that are used for constructing wall wine racks are steel, wood, and metal. These wine racks are designed to support the weight of your collection.

Wall Wine Rack Designs

There are a variety of wall mounted wine racks to choose from. You can even combine a couple of different designs so that you can create one-of-a-kind wine storage displays.

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Designs

Some wall wine racks are individual wine displays. They are created such that each bottle is cradled individually. The advantage of this type of wine rack is that it is easier to access each wine bottle.

Some wall wine racks are designed with padded holes wherein you just have to insert the neck of the bottle into each hole. This design allows easy removal of a bottle and visibility of the wine labels.

If you want to be more organized, you may opt for a wall wine rack with storage for your stemware glasses where you can hang them together or side by side with your bottles. This provides convenience in serving wine to your guests.

There is also bin or case wine storage, which is meant for larger numbers of wine bottles. If you desire to maximize the space in your wine rack, this wall wine rack style is ideal for you. However, because the wines are all stored together, it is rather difficult to identify each wine in this type of set-up.

VintageView Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

There are also modular wall mounted wine racks which allow the wine collector to stack more units as his collection expands. You can also do the opposite and remove a panel or two if you have consumed several wine bottles already.

VintageView metal wine racks hold your bottles in a sleek and stylish way. You can display the wine bottles with labels facing out for easy viewing. They are a favourite choice of many wine collectors because they can be placed in narrow hallways or behind doors while creating an elegant touch to your living space. They also allow air circulation in and around the wine bottles for wine to age properly.

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