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Best of Houzz 2015: Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

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Custom Wine Cellars Diamond Bin Boston Blueprint

Boston has long been considered as one of the artistic and cultural hubs of the United States. It should come as no surprise that the city boasts a Strong market for wine enthusiasts who are interested in properly storing their wine. Thankfully for us, one of the jobs we recently completed for a client, the Cape Cod project, allowed us to get recognized by Houzz, one of the top home remodeling websites in the world.

This year is particularly fruitful for us since Houzz decided to award Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in this year’s Best of Houzz 2015. We won Best in Design and Best in Customer Service, two categories that we believe reflect the values the Coastal brand is built on.

Remodeling and Home Design

Best in Design

This year saw a particular boom in the demand for residential wine cellars and specialized wine display refrigerators. This demand has been fueled not by a rise in the affluence of our clients, but by a trend in “affordability” that was previously not seen from the home wine cellar market in previous years.

Nowadays, wine cellar displays are made not just for aesthetic purposes but also for purely functional ones, as well. The home wine cellar market, although a very niche one at this point, has now come of age with the way design and practicality are now married seamlessly for every modern wine cellar created today.

This design perspective, in particular, allowed us to build projects like the Coto de Caza wine cellar conversion job which saw us creating a wine cellar room under the stairs, literally. With the limited space afforded to us for the job, we were able to pull off the whole venture simply by taking stock of the limitations of the room and respecting the boundaries imposed upon us. It is often said that creativity can only get spurred by limitations, and we believe we were able to live by this adage to the letter.

Projects like these are the reason why our loyal clients were compelled to vote us into Houzz’s Best in Design award. We believe that today’s wine cellar is not just a space for storing wine bottles, but an area where one wine enthusiast can “share” his or her passion for wine with a fellow or two. If anything, a home wine cellar should be an essential part of a house as much as the living room or the dining room.

Remodeling and Home Design

Best in Customer Service

Our impressive portfolio encouraged people to contact us this year; many of them had not even considered having a wine cellar built within their houses prior to seeing our Houzz profile. As much as they were impressed by the projects we have completed for our various clients, the one question they almost always ask us, “Can we afford it?”

We live in an economy that is coming to terms with the last recession, so of course we understand why some people hesitate investing on projects like wine cellars for their homes. However, one of the great things about investing in a wine cellar is that the client can set the scale and budget for the wine cellar project that he or she is trying to pull off.

Many of our past clients can attest to how we communicate with them in terms of setting the “ground rules” for their wine cellar projects. We encourage them to be completely honest with us by allowing them to verbalize their concerns about their projects and we, in turn, help them arrive at a plan which allows them to have their dream wine cellar built while taking into account important factors like budget and duration of work.

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Eastham MA Custom Wine Cellars

We don’t stop when the projects are completed, though; we make it a business imperative to get looping feedbacks from our clients to confirm whether we have truly “satisfied” them on their wine cellar needs or not.

Thankfully, our dedication to making things easy for our clients allowed us to win Houzz’s Best in Customer Service award. We are also proud of the fact that we are inspiring other homeowners to make wine cellars of their own, simply because we are telling them projects like these can always be possible, no matter how limited your budget may be.

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Wine Cellar Flooring Boston MA

A Good Year

Wine enthusiasts know the importance of a “good year”. As for Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, we have capped off a good year by winning Best in Design Best in Customer Service of Houzz’s ‘Best of Series’. So, for the “Houzzers” who voted us in to win the award, thank you very much!

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