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California Wine Cellars – Stylish Cooperage Countertops

COOPERAGE COUNTERTOPA perfect wine cellar for me is not just storage of my wine collection. An ideal wine cellar is a place where friends can stay a bit and talk about our favorite liquid. It is with this in mind that I would prefer a California wine cellar with a nice countertop where I can serve wine to my friends and have a lounging area for great conversations.

Cooperage displays the outer part of the barrel head together with all the cooper’s stamps, patina, and special markings. By choosing cooperage countertops, you will add character to your wine cellar.

Cooperage Countertops Add Character to Your Wine Cellar


Many companies in the wine cellar industry make use of wine barrels to add uniqueness to their clients’ custom wine cellars. Wine barrels which have used up their lives as storage for wines are reclaimed and are used for other things. Some are made into wine barrel carvings, tabletops, wooden signs, and more.

This is a good thing since recycling materials is cheaper and more environment-friendly. Fewer trees are cut to turn into countertops, floorings, and wine racks.

The company stamps found on the outside of wine barrels are left to add character to the new countertop. Usually, a light wood finish is painted for that sleek and “new” look.

Cooperage countertops are ideally part of the design and layout of the wine cellar, and in most cases reflect the wine collector’s personality. As mentioned earlier, the cooperage stamp is neither removed nor the wood bearing the cooperage stamp discarded as this can add to the overall character of the countertop. This easily becomes another conversation piece while tasting/drinking wine.

To be able to get an expert opinion on cooperage countertops, it is wise to consult a leading manufacturer for that perfect design or model that will suit the collector’s personal taste, preference, and budget. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars produce unique and stylish custom wine cellars and accessories, from wine racks to cabinetry to countertops and floorings. The founder and Senior Design Consultant, Mr. Jerry Wilson, ensures that customer satisfaction and creativity are provided to their clients.

Wine Cellars by Coastal – TRUSTED Wine Cellar Builder

Where else can one find a California wine cellar and wine rack manufacturer that offers stylish and durable products and offers a no obligation design option to its clients? Aside from the free design, clients can opt for proposals for materials and equipment to be used such as wine cellar refrigeration, wine cellar doors, wood and finish samples, and much more. Visit their website at for more details.

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