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Do Owners of California Custom Wine Cellars Live Longer?

Lately amongst our clients for custom wine cellars in California there has been much debate about the health benefits of the consumption of wine.

Many serious wine collectors have extolled to us the virtues of their love of wine and their wine cellar.  As well as the natural benefits of enjoying a passion, collecting the latest special batch from the favorite winery, they suggest that the consumption of wine itself has direct health benefits.

It’s certainly true that lack a passion, lack of a driving force in our lives can have a detrimental effect of health.  Also the ‘social factor’ is well known, our clients on building a wine cellar in their homes immediately turn it into a social center, a place to invite friends and entertain colleagues. Try some searches using the phrases “Heath Blue Zone” and “social connections and lifespan”, here are some articles we found interesting,8599,2006938,00.html

As you will see in these articles it has been suggested for some time that social connections or more specifically, ‘social engagements’ are a factor in lifespan.  Indeed there is increasing evidence to support this assertion.

In our experience proud residential wine cellar owners actively use their wine rooms as social hubsWine tasting parties, sharing a new or even an old and aged special vintage are often an excuse, a reason to invite people to enjoy the room and glass of wine and the company.

Wine Consumption and Health Benefits?

There are quite a number now of independent scientifically sound studies that have produced evidence that moderate wine consumption is connected with a statistically significant improvement in health.  Just a cursory search on the words “wine and health”, wine consumption and longevity” and similar phrases will produce as kinds of statistics that range from alleged 20% lower risk of developing type-2 diabetes to lower risk of strokes, to a whopping 63% general lower mortality rate.

Here are some articles on this subject we also found particularly interesting:

Add a passion in life to increased social connections to what we know about the benefits of moderate consumption of wine, particularly red wine and it has been suggested that you have a powerful mix that may directly affect longevity.  Who knows?  It would be great to see an objective study that linking wine cellar owners and health in some way but in the meantime we will just have to form our own opinions.

As California wine cellar builders we can certainly confirm that our clients, owners of wine cellar both large and small tend to be a passionate lot, very sociable and outgoing and tend to regularly enjoy a glass or two of wine.  That’s certainly a stack of the obvious heath promoting traits we all know about.

What do you think?

California Wine Cellar Builders – Custom Wine Cellar Examples

See some examples of our California Residential Wine Rooms, just by looking at these rooms we feel sure you will get a sense of the passion and usage these beautiful rooms are put to.  Custom Wine Cellars and longevity? Maybe, who knows, but certainly but certainly passion, fun, beauty and taste are true…

California Wine Cellars – Laguna Beach Project

Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles Project

Residential Wine Rooms Santa Monica Project

Orange County CA Wine Cellar Project

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