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Coastal Offers Quality Custom Wine Cellar Doors

When guests visit one’s home, the first thing that greets them is the front door. Usually, the state of the front door, the kind of material used, and its “bearing” reflect the personality and taste of the owner. It will usually give you the idea of what you will find inside.

I would say that the same thing can be said for wine cellar doors. The kind of material used, the design, intricacy of the design, and the size can tell guests a little information about the wine collector. It may even give you an idea of the kind and monetary value of the bottles of wine you see in the collection.

Wine Cellar Doors help control wine cellar environment

Custom wine cellar doors reflect the personality of the wine collector and are primarily designed to help control the ideal wine storage temperature, humidity, and light inside the wine cellar. Maintaining the three factors will ensure that wines will age gracefully, maximizing enjoyment of wine.

Usually, wood, glass, wrought iron, or a combination of any of these can be used for wine cellar door construction. It is best for the wine cellar door to be customized according to the taste and preference of the wine collector. Of course, the design should complement the rest of the house.

Coastal Will Provide the Perfect Custom Wine Room Door for You

Many wine cellar door manufacturers and designers offer varied designs and services to their clients. However, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers more to their clients in terms of design, quality of the wine cellar door, technique, and customer service offered.

Coastal uses both old and new technology to achieve the best and deliver it to its clients. Their wine cellar doors undergo a process that ensures strength and durability.

All the doors possess insulation properties for them to maximize their role in keeping the temperature and humidity inside the wine cellar stable. Wine cellar doors which are made of wood are bonded together using adhesives to prevent warping and increase insulation.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars can customize not only the size, but also the design of the wine cellar door. Glass, wood, or wrought iron can be used. A wine cellar door made of glass can be designed or painted with anything the client requires – a family crest, company logo, family initials, and much more. In the case of wood, anything can be carved as the company can deliver to satisfy its customers.

Coastal ensures that the door is sealed tightly to prevent air from the wine cellar cooling system leaving the wine cellar. The wine cellar doors have an automatic door bottom that props up the core and drops down just before the door completely closes. This will ensure that the air will stay inside the wine cellar and the door will not damage the floors due to door dragging.

Getting your wine cellar door from Coastal will ensure that your most prized collection will be protected and storage will be at its optimum. Visit their website at or call (888) 735-8889 and discuss with them your budget and requirements.

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