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Coastal’s Pride – Single Bottle Storage, Curved Corner and Display Wine Racks

Customizing wine storage units has become easy with the products made available by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. These products come in different styles, storage capabilities and sizes. Coming up with different designs to fit the functionality that you require has become simple and doable starting with our basic Single Bottle Storage Wine Rack product.

Coastal’s Single Bottle Storage Wine Rack has a 3 3/4 x 3 3/4 square inch openings that allows easy access to your standard 750 ml wine bottles. It can be ordered anywhere from a one-column up to a ten-column width wine rack.

No other wine rack builder has ever offered this option before. While competitor brands tell you to purchase 2 five-column wine racks to come up with a ten-column storage system, here at Coastal you only have to preorder the item you need with the precise width you want.

For example, if you need a wine storage rack to store 57 standard wine bottles, then we will recommend to you our 6′ Three-Column Wood Wine Rack. If you have up to 76 wine bottles to store, then we will offer you our 6′ Four-Column Wood Wine Rack.

No longer do you have to worry about the vertical and horizontal seams created by combining 2 separate wine racks. The horizontal spacer bars used in all wine rack products are precut at the factory to the width indicated and since they are dado cut that means that the vertical ladders will align accordingly making the installation process easy.

This basic Single Bottle Storage Wine Rack can also be made with a display row. Also known as the High Reveal Display Row, this area is angled by 15 degrees which allows the wine to come in contact with the cork.

Our Three-Column and Four-Column Wood Wine Racks, for example, is also available with a display row feature. Take a look at our 6′ Three-Column Display Wood Wine Rack and 6′ Four-Column Display Wood Wine Rack.

With this slight change in design, one is able to showcase the labels of some favorite bottles, although at the expense of losing some storage space, around 2 bottles per column. Despite this loss, it serves to add personality and character to the storage space at the same time function as a great management tool when similar bottles are stored above and below the display row.


Single Bottle Storage Wine Racks, Display Wine Racks and Curved Corner Wine Racks


Another option that can be done to this Single Bottle Storage Wine Rack is to have it made with curved corners that are also available with or without a display row. Here at Coastal, we create true radius curved corners that provide a smooth finish and structural integrity to the product.

We are proud to offer our true radius curved corner wine rack creations such as the 6′ Four-Column Curved Corner Standard Wood Wine Rack, which can store up to 76 wine bottles, and the 6′ Four-Column Curved Corner Display Wood Wine Rack, which can store up to 68 standard 750 ml wine bottles and features a built in display row.

A true radius curve is shown by the front spatial bar that is neither segmented nor angled. Other parts of our wine rack, such as the base moldings, crown moldings and the 1 1/2 inch thick toe-kick or base are also done following a true radius curve. In contrast, a competitor’s use of a series of single column storage racks creates segmented curved corner that requires the use of 5 inch wide spacers to be properly mitered to create a seamless look.

While competitor curved corner wine racks make use of buttons or plastic caps to cover up predrilled openings used to hold its different parts together, Coastal’s curved corner wine rack, on the other hand, make use of a ¾ inch thick and 1 ½ inch tall stabilizer bar, positioned at the back of the wine rack that provides its structural stability. Together with the stabilizer bar, the front spacer bar is used to align and maintain the appropriate spacing between the vertical ladders. With these mechanisms, there is no need for pre-drilling or plastic caps with Coastal products. Our aim is to create wine racks that provide not only the functionality that you need but also quality aesthetic appeal that you desire.

To complete the look of this Single Bottle Storage Wine Rack, we provide optional crown and base moldings. The crown moldings for the top and base molding for the bottom are available in 6 foot sections. These add-on items contribute to the visual appeal of the storage system and they also come in true radius curve design for the curved corner wine racks. Some assembly may be required, most especially with our basic crown moldings.

Watch this 4-minute video to learn more about our Single Bottle Storage Wine Racks:


Single Bottle Storage Wine Racks, Display Wine Racks and Corner Wine Racks

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