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Contemporary Wine Cellars and VintageView Metal Wine Racks

A wine cellar is not just the ideal place to store and age your wine collection, but also a great venue to entertain friends.  That being said, your wine cellar should reflect both functionality and aesthetic quality.  It should have an environment that is conducive to your vintages, as well as an elegant and comfortable ambiance to impress guests and visitors.

There are various ways to design your wine cellar.  For instance, you can choose to have your wine cellar custom built for a more personalized look.  If you want a unique and versatile appearance, a contemporary wine cellar design should complement your personal taste.

Contemporary wine cellars incorporate an individual’s unique perspective into each design element.  When constructing your contemporary wine cellar, there are key elements that you need to consider.

First off, you need to choose a location for your wine cellar.  The location, along with your wine inventory, will help you determine the style and size of your wine storage room.  Your choice of wine cellar doors should be of exterior quality standards, but with an elegant appeal.

Wine Cellar Doors, Cooling Systems & Flooring are Important

Custom Wine Cellar Doors


Wine cellar doors can be custom built to get the design specifications you want.  They can be made of wood, glass, wrought iron, or a combination of these materials. Wine cellar doors are important in every wine cellar since they help maintain a very good seal of the cellar and promote good insulation.



When it comes to flooring materials, there are a wide array of choices on the market, like hardwood, stone work, and ceramic tile.  If you want your flooring material to create a beautiful contrast with the overall contemporary look of your wine cellar, then go for recycled old oak barrels.  They convey originality, not to mention they are environmentally friendly.



WhisperKool Wine Cellar Cooling UnitYou need to consider the type of wine cellar cooling system to install to maintain a climate controlled environment.  When picking out a cooling system, take into account the size, location, and the number of wine bottles in your inventory.


Other elements to consider are a nice wine cellar lighting system for an elegant ambiance, artwork pieces to add texture, and a wine tasting station for entertaining friends.  The LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting system is recommended for wine cellars as it gives a stunning glow to your wine bottles and it is energy efficient and emits low-heat.

Metal Wine Racks from VintageView

And let us not forget the racking system where you can neatly organize and display your wine bottles.  Since you are aiming for a contemporary look, what better way to complement that than by installing VintageView metal wine racks?

VintageView metal wine racks let you store wine bottles on their side and allow you to view the labels at a glance.  VintageView metal wine racks are usually recommended because they are sturdy and durable.  They are made from exceptionally strong metal that guarantees the safety of your vintages.  In addition, these wine racks provide an attractive way to store your wine collection.

Metal wine racks from VintageView have features that allow for ease of cleaning.  You can simply dust the wine bottles without having to move them.  TheVintageView Metal Wine Racksse wine racks come in different configurations, from a single bottle rack to wall-mounted racks.

These metal wine racks are also available in three different depths:  single, double, and triple deep wine racks.  These label-forward wine storage displays can fit snugly in any space.  Metal wine racks from VintageView are ideal for wine enthusiasts who desire a modern racking system that enhances the contemporary look and feel of their wine cellar.

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