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Creating a Distinctive Wine Cellar Design using Wine Cellar Accessories

Wine Cellar Design – The Latest Trend

Custom Wine Cellar Design Trends

Custom Wine Cellar Design Trends

The aim of modern wine cellar design and construction is to build not only the best environment for aging and storing wines, but also the most elegant space for showcasing and displaying different types of wine.  A recent trend in wine cellar design involves incorporating unique products into the design scheme.

Bold wine cellar design ideas create a space where the main attraction is not only the wines on display, but also the wine cellar itself.  The addition of creative wine cellar ideas and innovative wine cellar accessories can increase the functionality of a wine storage space, and enhance its visual appeal.

Some accessories that are fast becoming a must have wine cellar feature are cooperage countertops, glass stemware wine racks, rolling ladders, and wine barrel head carvings.

Cooperage Countertops


Cooperage Countertop

Cooperage Countertop

Cooperage countertops are constructed from reclaimed wood components that come from retired oak wine barrels.  The cooperage part of the wine barrel consists of the barrel head, where authentic winery markings and stamps are found. These markings indicate the name of the winery and the wine components.

This unique feature is retained on the oak wood, and gives custom countertops a distinct and timeless appeal that should lend a dramatic effect to any wine cellar space.  Display and serving countertops are some of the best places to incorporate reclaimed wine barrels, because they are readily seen.

Since no two wine barrel wood components are the same, cooperage countertops create a stunning, one of a kind custom wine cellar design.  Aside from their aesthetic advantages, cooperage countertops have practical benefits, such as long lasting quality, sturdiness, and environmental sustainability.

Stemware Wine Rack Set

Stemware Rack by Coastal

Stemware Rack by Coastal

Another eye-catching feature in a custom wine cellar is a stemware set, with which wine glasses can be hung by the stem.

Stemware racks allow wine collectors to store wine glasses in a secure place, easily within reach.  These wine cellar accessories also create a decanting or serving area for wines.  A backsplash allows for a personalized appeal, as it can be added with hanging artistic pieces, or stone artwork and murals.

Stemware racks are usually crafted from the same wood material, and applied with the same wood stain and finish options, as the installed wine racking system in a wine storage space.  This provides uniformity in the color and texture of all wine cellar furniture.

Wine Cellar Rolling Ladders

Rolling Ladder for Wine Cellars

Rolling Ladder for Wine Cellars

Innovative wine cellar ideas, like wine cellar rolling ladders, make stunning additions to a custom wine room with a tall wine racking system.  Rolling ladders are ideal for wine cellars with wine racks that are more than eight feet in height.

Installing floor to ceiling wine racks can maximize storage capacity, and the addition of a rolling ladder allows for easy access to wine bottles that are stored in the hard to reach areas of a wine storage room.

Installation techniques for wine cellar rolling ladders include these options: upper assembly or hook assembly.  An upper assembly installation affixes a rolling ladder to the rail track, while a hook assembly securely fastens a step ladder to an elongated bar.

There is also a wine cellar design option that includes the installation of a special niche or alcove where rolling ladders can be stored when not in use.

Library style ladders are offered in wood and aluminum.  Wood based rolling ladders for wine cellars are designed and constructed from a wide selection of natural wood, while aluminum based step ladders are available in a wide variety of metallic finishes.  Wine cellar rolling ladders add functionality and style to both residential and commercial wine rooms.

Wine Barrel Carvings

The addition of exquisite wine cellar accessories, like carved wooden barrels, can bring a personalized look to a wine cellar space.  Wine barrel carvings are distinct wine cellar ideas that can definitely enhance the visual appeal of a wine storage space.

A barrel head carving is an old age technique that originated from Germany.  Back then, wine barrel carvings were considered as a symbol of prestige and status for wineries.

Modern carved barrel heads are often used as decorative pieces, to add a dramatic flair, and increase the visual appeal of a custom wine cellar space.  Carved wine barrel heads can depict different designs, ranging from coats of arms to wine-themed scenes, landscapes, company logos, animals, human heads, fruits, and more.

Wine Barrel Carvings

Wine Barrel Carvings

Wine barrel carvings consist of the barrel head, and several inches of surrounding hoops.  Unique carvings can be done on the entire wine barrel, but the tenth barrel head is the part used most often by skilled hand carvers (check out the works of the ingenious artisan, Peter Forbes).

The barrel end configuration undergoes reprocessing to enhance its structural integrity. The process involves taking the barrel ends apart and reattaching them, using an adhesive called polyurethane glue.  The glue adds durability and prevents the product from cracking.

Although there are a variety of wood stains and finish options that can be applied to a completed reclaimed wine barrel head carving, most wood carvers recommend little or no application of tints or colorants, to show off the natural wood color and pattern.

These elegant art carvings are beautiful on their own.  The presence of wine barrel head carvings in a wine cellar space improves the overall design quality, while bringing a sense of wine history.

Wine Cellar Painting

Wine Cellar Art Painting - With Jerry Wilson of Coastal

Wine Cellar Art Painting – With Jerry Wilson of Coastal

Paintings on the walls or ceiling of a wine room is one of the latest trends that we find really interesting.  Coastal Custom Wine Cellars recently completed a residential wine cellar project, which involves converting a small closet located under the stairs into a wine room.

The owner wanted to add to the design the painting of his favorite artist, Janina Pazdan.  The painting was spread all over the ceiling and one side of the wall; the effect is really stunning.

Check out the unique wine cellar design features of this project at

Benefits of these Unique Wine Cellar Ideas

Creative and unique wine cellar design ideas are an integral part of a custom wine enclave.  Incorporating decorative pieces and functional elements makes a wine storage space more elegant, practical, and accessible.

With the emergence of these wine cellar accessories, every wine collector’s wine cellar can be as unique as possible.  Being creative is vital in achieving this plan and with the help of a trusted wine cellar builder, your wine storage facility can become just as valuable as the wines they keep.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the wine cellar companies that offer quality wine storage products and services, including wine cellar accessories.  The company has been in the industry for more a decade, and is known for its innovative wine cellar ideas.

Contact Coastal Custom Wine Cellars for inquiries regarding wine cellar design services, wine cellar accessories, wine barrel carvings, and wine storage products.


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