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Custom Wine Cellar Builder California & Installer Market Experience

Vineyards and the Custom Wine Cellar market in California

Having been in the Custom Wine Cellars California Construction Business for more than thirteen years we have gained a vast amount of experience in designing all kinds of wine cellars as well as getting to know the type of people our clients tend to be.

Wine cellars it turns out are more than just a few wine racks nailed to the wall, rather they are rooms dedicated to collecting, preserving and the aging of wines, as well as being designed to accommodate wine tasting parties and entertaining generally, possibly even regular dinner parties. These are just some of the uses cases these rooms are often specifically designed for.

We’ve learned therefore that wine cellars can take many forms, from the sheer scale (quantity of wine bottles stored), through to stunning showcase displays that really show off a collectors vintage wines.  This along with wine tasting tables, which seat and allow the entertaining of large parties of people all at one go means that these dedicated purpose built rooms can take many and diverse forms.

Wine cellars by definition also make a lifestyle statement about the character and sophistication of the owner, sometimes more than any other aspect of their home. When we then think about California in general, indeed specific cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, The Bay Area in general and such specific locations like Monterrey and Santa Barbara, as wine cellar installers we experience them as pockets of populations that just cry out and exemplify Californian wine country.

Given the huge Californian Wine market and proliferation of mainstream and niche vineyards it is hardly surprising that California is by far the biggest and most enthusiastic market for wine cellars in North America. In this market our clients vary from CEO’s looking to impress at a corporate level, though to the typical average American that just happens to have developed a passion for wine.

Our wine cellar designs therefore accommodate all levels of budgets, sometimes they are simple wine closet conversions made with a combination of kit wine racks mixed with more custom elements to create a seamless whole. This mix can create a stunning wine room to fit even the most budget conscious household making the dream of a dedicated wine cellar within reach of the average home.

Custom Wine Cellars Builders California for Wine Tasting Parties

At the other end of the scale, as California wine cellar builders we are often asked to create fully custom wine rooms that accommodate sometimes more than 10,000 bottles of wine and have extravagant features such as reclaimed wine barrel flooring, glass walls and cascading wine rack displays with purpose made lighting.

To see examples of some of these designs as well as a detailed case story visit wine cellar installer orange county or wine cellar builder Los Angeles projects.

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