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Custom Wine Cellar Doors by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Cellar Doors by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – Processed Video Transcription


Coastal’s Exquisite Custom Wine Cellar Doors

Choose Custom Wine Cellar Doors by Coastal

Custom Wine Cellar Doors by Coastal

If you’re in the market for custom wine cellar doors, there’s quite a bit of the door you’d take into consideration to make sure it’s done correctly.  After all you’re trying to keep your warm air outside the cellar while keeping the cool, moist air inside the cellar.


This door you’re looking at looks like a simple door with glass, but you have to make sure that it is dual pane insulated to make sure that no condensation that builds up.  If it’s single pane, you will build condensation or sweating on the glass which is not good for your cellar.


Here’s another door which is just like the one I showed you, but it’s a solid panel.  What I want to

Choose this Solid Panel Custom Wine Cellar Door

Solid Panel Custom Wine Cellar Door

bring up here is the type of wood that you use.  Wood species is very important because you want to use a hardwood like mahogany, cherry and walnut.  You don’t want to use softwood such as pine or redwood.  You will have some bending of the door and warping in the future.


Check out this Hand-Forged Custom Iron Wine Cellar Doors

Hand-Forged Custom Iron Wine Cellar Doors

We’re very proud of our hand forging of our custom iron.  As you can see here, the detail is actually gorgeous, customized with the grapevines, the leaves, and the grapes themselves.  All are hand done in our facility.  You should see some of these guys who do the iron work.  It’s unbelievable with their large arms, they look like Popeye.


Other aspects that we’re very proud of are our custom carving as you can see these grapes here, and there is a better picture here that shows some of our custom carving.  This is not something that’s glued on.  It’s all done in house with our third generation carvers.


Other aspect of the wine cellar door you want to take into consideration is that it’s an exterior grade door. 

Have your own Exterior Grade Custom Wine Cellar Door

Exterior Grade Custom Wine Cellar Door

Our wine cellar doors are made of 1 ¾“doors.  As I mentioned before, they’re tempered dual paned insulated.  When we do a pre-hung door we make sure that it comes with a 1 ¼ rabbeted jamb.  It also includes an automatic door bottom which is very important to make sure that it seals the door.


If you don’t want an automatic door drop, we can do a solid oak sill or one out of aluminum.  When we do something that’s pre-hung we also include the hinges and the hinge prep work along with the weather stripping where we use keelon.


Other aspects of the doors we have 5 different finishes; we will also provide casings interior and exterior.  There are a lot of things we can choose from including sidelights and transoms.  If this is something you’re interested in talking to us more in depth about, please don’t hesitate to contact us here and we look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.

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