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Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County, CA with Efficient Cooling System and More

Coastal is one of the leading custom wine cellar designers in the wine industry, with offices in Orange County, California and Connecticut, at “Coastal” we offer a literal coast to coast service!

One of our most recent successful projects is the beautiful wine cellar created for the “Wine Geek” in Orange County, California.

The design is well thought out and truly classy. The style of the cellar was made to fit appropriately to the style of the owner’s house. Even with a lot of obstacles such as limited space and an awkwardly shaped room, Coastal was able to configure the cellar room into something that surprised and delighted the client.

One of the outstanding features of this wine cellar is the cooling system. Custom wine cellars should have efficient wine cooling systems installed because a storage room’s temperature and humidity can greatly affect the quality of the stored wine. There needs should be a very specific level of temperature and humidity and this level should be consistently maintained at all times. Fluctuations in their levels can be detrimental to the quality of wine over time.

What’s also important with the design of this custom wine cellar is that the room was well sealed so that once the wine cellar refrigeration system was installed, there will be an efficient temperature and humidity control. As mentioned in this video the increased warmth inside the wine cellar when the plaster board finish was drying was an good indicator that the insulation was effective and the room was sealed properly.


Custom Wine Cellars Orange County Wine Geek Part Two
For this custom wine cellar in Orange County, a ductless split refrigeration system was built. This type of system is a particularly efficient and a cost effective solution that is able to help maintain the quality of the stored wines.  As an added measure a temperature monitoring gadget was integrated.

More specifically, this gadget is able to send an alarms to the client should the level of temperature or humidity go out of the desired parameters. This gadget is able to notify the client through her cellular phone and thus the client is able to manage her wine cellar even if she is far away from home. This temperature monitor is able to gauge not only the humidity and air temperature inside the wine cellar room but also bottle temperature which is also important.

Wine cellars need the best equipment in order to ensure that your wines are maintained at their best quality. Coastal not only designs custom wine cellars but can also give advice on other wine cellar and wine related needs.

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