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Coastal Designs an Elegant Custom Wine Cellar that Maximize Space in Orange County CA

The Satisfied Client in Orange County, CA

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the leading companies in the wine cellar industry. Coastal has countless customer success stories to share and one particular story that gives proof of the company’s expertise is that of a client from Orange County, California. This client approached Coastal for a design of a custom wine cellar for her home. There were many challenges in this project and Coastal provided the solution to each one of them.

One of the challenges was the client’s limited budget. The client wanted a quality wine cellar within the boundaries of her budget and so Coastal designed a wine cellar that will be made of a durable yet very affordable type of wood.

Another challenge was the limitation of space. The client had a huge collection of wines (above 2000 wine bottles) and wanted all of these to be stored in one wine cellar. Coastal met this challenge by designing unique wine racks that maximized space without taking up extra square footage.

Furthermore, the client’s wine collection was comprised of wine bottles of varied sizes, including champagne bottles and Pax Syrah. Coastal designed the wine racks in such a way that all these bottles could be stored in standard racking.

Orange County Wine Cellar Features

In order to design a quality wine cellar Orange County CA without going beyond the client’s budget, Coastal used Premium Redwood as the wood for the client’s custom wine cellar. This type of wood is known for its durability and affordability. The wood was also coated with lacquer to protect it from spills and thus further lengthen its durability. What’s more, the wood’s red color brought class to the wine cellar which was truly beautiful.

Coastal designed the Orange County California wine cellar with a double storage feature. This feature increased the client’s wine storage without taking up extra square footage. The client was able to store one bottle into one wine rack and slide it to the back in order to put another bottle into it. This special feature solved the client’s problem of limited space.

The wine racking was designed to have large sized bottle openings (3 ¾ X 3 ¾ inches). This feature was outstanding in that it allowed all of the bottles in the client’s collection be stored in standard racking. In fact, the size of these bottle openings is large enough to store any bottle in the market, from standard sized to 6L type bottles.

More Features

There are many more outstanding features in this wine cellar design Orange County California. Learn more of the specifics of this design! Here is a video of an interview with Jerry Wilson (founder of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars) and the client in Orange County, CA.

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