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Custom Wine Cellars Baltimore Maryland

Custom Wine Cellars Baltimore Maryland – Processed Video Transcription

This design for the custom wine cellars Baltimore Maryland project is a great example of what can be done in a very small area.  This area is actually situated below grade underneath the stairwell and, as you can see, it’s only 46 ½ inches wide.  It’s actually a bit wider because of this little dog leg here.

Custom Made Humidor - Wine Room Baltimore Maryland

Custom Made Humidor – Wine Room Baltimore Maryland

The depth of the wine room is 79 ½ inches.  Here’s the entry down below.  And yet we managed to facilitate 410 bottles in this wine room.  The client originally just wanted to use some kits, if you will, or from our semi-custom series wine racks which we offer at 6, 7, and 8 foot heights, but he also had some features that he wanted to include in the wine room to enhance it, if you will.

You’ll see what I mean here in just a moment.  Elevation A, B, C, and D we’ll take a look at individually.  Elevation A is the right side wall as you walk in and it is indeed the custom component that was created because he wanted a cigar humidor.  This small cabinet has a lock.

The bottom shelf is pitched at an angle much like the 15 degree pitch here for the wine bottles called the high reveal display row, so this little

pitch just kind of shows off cigar boxes and this top shelf is a tray for individual cigars they kind of cradle there and are stored.

This is a humidor lined with Spanish cedar and the door frame has a little bit of weather-stripping around it to keep or to maintain a little bit higher temperature inside the humidor.  So as you remember, elevation A was a custom component and we’ve included two semi-custom components as well.  Elevation B is the curve corner that makes the transition from the right side wall to the back wall, and note this is a true radius curve corner.

We don’t offer any angle or segment effects, whether it be, you know, my semi-custom series or from our full-custom.  They are all true radius, the moldings – the base molding, the crown molding at the top and all the horizontal spatial bars.

Elevation C is the back wall across from the entry; single bottle wine storage and again this is from the 6’ semi-custom wine rack series.  The left side wall was a little bit of a challenge because of the width of the wine room being as it was.

I created a 6” deep, as you can see from this side elevation here, 6” deep horizontal displays to give us the ability to store additional bottles.  In

Semi Custom Wine Racks Baltimore Maryland

Semi Custom Wine Racks Baltimore Maryland

this case, 45 more bottles which are lying on their sides with full display.  This is an overhead view of the wine room; on the left is the 6” deep horizontal display we just spoke of, the single bottle storage rack here in the curve corner or from the wine rack kit series and this right side wall is the custom piece with the humidor on it.

Now the subsequent pictures I want to share with you, the installer did a great job modifying these racks on site.  It’s fairly common and fairly easy for an installer to modify racks and as you can see from this first picture, wonderful job of cutting the vertical ladders or the vertical dividers, if you will, to the appropriate height to allow for the slope.

As I have mentioned, this job was created in an unfinished Malaysian mahogany wine racks.  We applied a Sherwin Williams rustic stain to the mahogany and then applied a clear coat or top coat lacquer finish on it to give it a bit more of a luster or semi-glossy effect.

On the left side wall is the horizontal displays that we discussed.  Subsequent pictures show the humidor.  You’re standing outside the wine room here looking in.  Here’s the Spanish cedar lined humidor.  The installer also modified the curve corner, as you can see up here in the right, is a self-contained WhisperKooL wine cellar cooling system to keep the room to 55 to 60 degrees.  So all in all, great job, great install in creating over 400 bottles for such a small area.

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