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Custom Wine Cellars Boston Massachusetts – Cape Cod Project

Custom Wine Cellar Designs Boston Massachusetts

Hi, Jerry Wilson here with Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Boston MA.  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m going to share a three dimensional wine cellar design package with you.  I’ll take you on a short tour of that and also share some pictures of the finished product.

We began on this project on October of 2010.  Initially partnering with the architect and ultimately with the general contractor and the client as well about the wine collection.  This is a wine cellar that’s about 90 miles from Boston.  It’s along the east shore of Cape Cod.

3D Wine Cellar Designs Boston Massachusetts

3D Wine Cellar Designs Boston Massachusetts

A lot of boutique wineries in the area.  It’s quite beautiful, actually.  Everyone that comes to Coastal is going to get this three dimensional wine cellar design package I’m going to share with you here.  The right side area where you don’t really see anything is the tasting area.  It’s not climate controlled as opposed to this area here where you see the racks along the perimeter; this is indeed a climate controlled area.

The total bottle capacity of the wine cellar is 1,769 bottles and we’ll take a look at each of the elevations which in this particular design are labeled B, C, D, E and F.  We didn’t do a lot on the arches or in the openings in this wine room for artwork because indeed just outside the wine room is a beautiful cabinet which you’ll see in a moment here.

There’s X cubes on the top which is great for bulk storage or large format bottles.  These little icons here, these are wooden case openings.  Of course below we’ve got diamond bin storage.  All the wine racks rest as you can see here on a 4” tow kick.  This elevates the wine racking system off the ground that many inches and of course we provided a beautiful two-step base molding as well.

Elevation C is where we placed the cooling unit.  Once again you’ll see pictures of this.  It’s actually housed behind a custom grilled cover here; it’s a louvered grill cover made of the same wood as the wine racks.  By the way, all the wine racks were made of Malaysian mahogany.

They were stained with what we call Chappo stain and we added a clear coat top coat finish to that to give it a little bit of a luster as well.  Elevation D is more single bottle storage.  All the individual openings are 3 ¾ x 3 ¾, so that’s going to accommodate just about every 750 ml bottle that’s in the market place.

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Mahogany Wine Racks and Tasting Table – Custom Wine Cellars Massachusetts

We’ve also added not only for character and personality to the wine room but a display row that will help you manage the wines as well, and as you might imagine, you can store likewise above and below the display area of the wine racks.  Elevation E is a horizontal display or label forward, as I’d like to call it.  This is a 6” deep wine rack and we utilize this because, if you’ll remember from the floor plan, we have a little bit of a dog leg here in the wine room, and this really helped out with the continuity and the flow of the wine racks in that area.

This is a custom table, tasting table that we created that’s placed in the center of the wine room.  On one side of it is single bottle storage as you can see here, and on one side is wooden case storage, and on the end we did a beautiful label forward or horizontal display.

Here are some 3D views of the finished product.  It really turned out well.  It’s a beautiful wine cellar.  As I mentioned, there was a tasting area, so this is a view looking into the refrigerated area through this glass door and side light area.

This table top is very unique and extremely beautiful; it’s called a ribbon grain Mahogany.  Here you can see the custom louvered grill cover that conceals the evaporator or the mechanical aspects of the cooling unit.  Another picture looking off to the left side of the area where we had the little dog leg that I mentioned and the label forward or horizontal display racks, and again a beautiful view of the custom tasting table.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Cheers!

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