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Custom Wine Cellars – Coastal’s Unique Wine Cellar Flooring

Custom wine cellars are preferred by many wine collectors because of the customization options they offer. This means that the unique specifications desired by the client can be integrated into the wine cellar design; and with Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, more customization options are offered.

 Take, for example, the wine cellar flooring, which can also be customized to match the wine cellar theme. One of the most popular choices of wine cellar flooring is oak wine barrel flooring.


Custom Wine Cellars - Wine Cellar Flooring

Custom Wine Cellar Flooring

 Wine cellar flooring made of old oak wine barrels are a popular choice because of the natural and unique designs they can create. Here at Coastal, we use real original Napa Valley Oak Wine Barrels, creating exceptional design schemes for wine cellars.


Custom Wine Cellars Wine Barrel Flooring

Wine Barrel Flooring


The wine barrels are stamped with the vineyard label and insignia of the winery they came from. Another interesting thing about oak wine barrels is the option to use the inside, outside or both sides of the barrel. This means that your flooring can have a golden brown color, an all plain red color, or a blend of these colors. With these features, a lot of design combinations can be made to produce a wine cellar that reflects creativity and originality.





Coastal’s wine barrel flooring is featured with these important details:

  • Tongue and groove
  • Micro beveled
  • 5/8 inch thickness
  • Random widths and lengths
  • Pre-finished “Bona Traffic” sealant


Check out this wine cellar project we did in Boston, Massachusetts where the client chose to install wine barrel flooring:


Other types of wine cellar flooring that we offer are tile, vinyl, marble and slate. These flooring materials are very attractive as well and can complement the decorations within your wine cellar.

Take, for example, these custom wine cellars, with elegant and stunning wine cellar flooring:


Since a wine cellar with a climate control system typically has a damp environment, the flooring materials we use are only those that are able to withstand constant exposure to moisture. For this reason, we don’t recommend carpets inside the wine cellar as they are a good venue for mold and mildew growth.


Wine Barrel Flooring for Wine Cellars

Wine Barrel Flooring for Wine Cellars

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