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Custom Wine Cellars – Design, the Wine Rack openings

We are often asked by our clients for different types of bottle opening sizes when designing and building custom wine cellars. While “anything is possible” in reality there are several standard sized openings that we normally work with. We say anything is possible because the “custom” in custom wine cellars means exactly that, everything is made custom. In the video below you will find a quick overview of the standard opening sized and why we use them.

All of the sizes apply equally to kit wine racks all of which are available in pre-made kits that you can easily assemble yourself. In custom wine cellar design we take these standard sizes and create unique configurations that fit the requirements of individual clients storage and display preferences. For more detail on this aspect of wine cellar design go to the Wine Cellar Builder News article Wine Cellar Builders Custom Wine Cellars Wine Rack Opening Sizes 

Custom Wine Cellars Wine Rack Opening Sizes – Wine Cellar Builders

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