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Coastal Designs Exquisite Custom Wine Cellars in Los Angeles, California

Designing the Project – Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellar

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has delivered quality service to numerous clients in the past 10 years. One of these satisfied clients hails from Los Angeles California. Since Coastal offers free consultation for all clients’ wine cellar design, this specific client approached Coastal and presented his idea of his desired wine cellar.

The client shared with coastal the basic information about the room wherein the Los Angeles wine cellar will be built. He wanted a huge custom wine cellar that could store 3816 wine bottles. Coastal met this client’s desired design by making a wine cellar that maximized space and would fit a room with 10-foot ceiling height.

The client also shared that his huge wine collection included bottles of varied sizes and he wanted to store all these in standard racking. Coastal subsequently designed the racking in such a way that it could accommodate bottles of any size in the client’s collection.

Another idea that the client shared was to have a wine cellar entry door that would beautifully compliment the wine cellar wood. Coastal used an elegant and durable type of wood for the wine racks and built a gorgeously designed door to match the wood.

Finally, the client wanted to make sure that the quality of his wines would be preserved properly. He wanted to have a cooling system that could do this right and desired that the system be designed in such a way that it will look good to match the wine cellar.

After a few days, Coastal provided the client with the free 3D design of his desired custom wine cellar. After a few revisions, the client approved of it and the construction began.

Custom Wine Cellar Design – Philosophe.mp4


Constructing a Wine Cellar with Elegance and Durabilty

This custom wine cellar Los Angeles California project was one of the biggest custom wine cellar projects that Coastal Custom Wine Cellars did. The wine cellar was built with nearly 40’ of counter height in a room with 10-foot ceiling height. Since this was a huge wine cellar Los Angeles, Coastal provided an 8’ rolling library-type ladder. This feature conveniently allowed the client to reach wine bottles stored above the 8’ height.

Rolling Ladder - Los Angeles CA Wine Cellar Design

The material used was Heart Redwood. This type of wood is from the core of the redwood tree and exhibits elegant dark colors. It is also known for its soft earth tone color distinctions that develop overtime. The wood is a preferred choice for wine cellars because of its durability against decay, shock and fluctuating humidity. To further enhance longevity, the wood was coated with a clear lacquer finish to protect it from spills.

All of the wine racks were constructed resting on a 4 inch base or a toe-kick to keep the racks off the floor. This will ensure that the cellar is protected from accidental bumps and thus prolong its durability.

Elegant custom wine cellar Los Angeles CA

Special Feature in Racking to Accommodate All Bottle Sizes

The Los Angeles client’s wine collection included a diversity of sizes in wine bottles. He had a variety that included split bottles, magnums and champagnes. In order to accommodate all these varied sized, Coastal built the wine racks with large sized bottle openings. All the client’s bottles were suitably stored in standard racking.

Maximize space with this wine cellar design Los Angeles California

Brilliant Cooling System

Since the client wanted a cooling system that would appropriately keep the quality of his wines, Coastal installed a cooling system that could set the room to a temperature of 55-60 degrees. The wine cooling system that Coastal installed was a ductless split refrigeration system. In order to ensure that the system won’t be unsightly in the Los Angeles wine cellar room, Coastal concealed it with a grill box, a louvered vent cover and designed it with a matching Heart Redwood cover that’s coated with a clear lacquer finish.

Elegant Entry Door

One of the outstanding features of this custom wine cellar Los Angeles CA is the exquisite wine cellar entry door. The door was designed to be arched and made of glass. The door was supplied with an iron grill for protection. A secure wine cellar door is very important in maintaining the appropriate room temperature for you wine cellar room. Fluctuations in temperature will damage the quality of stored wine.

The Los Angeles wine cellar door is indeed a combination of durability, elegance, and functionality.This masterpiece complimented the wine cellar well and was the cherry on top for this Los Angeles CA wine cellar project.

Exquisite Wine Cellar Door Los Angeles CA

Why Coastal is the Best Choice for Your Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has more than ten (10) years of experience in custom wine cellar design.  They have consistently delivered quality service to innumerable customers. This exquisite Los Angeles California wine cellar design is one evidence to that. You can trust that they will meet your wine cellar needs accordingly. The management ensures that the details of your desired wine cellar will be met. Coastal also provides a free 3D design so that you can have a clearer picture of your dream custom wine cellar.

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