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Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California Laguna Hills Small Project 

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California Laguna Hills Small Project – Processed Video Transcription


Custom Wine Cellars Laguna Hills California

Hi! I’m Jerry Wilson and I’m the founder of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California. We’re going to take a look at the custom wine cellars Laguna Hills California project completedjust recently, actually just last December 2010 at a subdivision known as Nellie Gail Ranch.

We visited our clients and found that they have a powder bath, just up the living room and the dining room area that they wanted to turn into a wine cellar. I got a few before shots to share with you.

Before Photos - Custom Wine Cellars Laguna Hills California Project

Before Photos – Custom Wine Cellars Laguna Hills California Project

This circular area on the wall was actually an exterior wall that was a window so we have a lot of preparation work to this wine room. We have to remove the plumbing fixtures, the cabinetry, obviously close up this circular area and prepare the walls for refrigeration. That’s another view of the area.

3D Design - Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California

3D Design – Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California

After some time that we spent with these folks, taking some measurements and determining how they wanted to store, manage and display their wines, we created a three-dimensional design package for them, as we would with anyone of course. There are multiple pages to this design; this is the overhead view of the wine cellar, where all the dimensions are posted.

Over here you’ll get the total bottle capacity and how those bottle breakdown into the various components. Because this room wasn’t very wide, as you can see it’s just over 60 inches wide and the door being slightly off centered.

This is the entry here; we have to be a little bit creative and still try to maximize the storage for these folks. Most of our custom wine racks California as you can see are full depth, 13 ½ inches, which means they’re going to encompass the entire bottle. But on this side, for the sake of space and not impede the entry to the wine room, we created a 6-inch deep horizontal display.

So we’ll take a look at the different elevations here. This is the wall across from the entry; we created an arched area or a tasting area. This is the horizontal display; it lays the bottle laterally.

Mahogany Wine Racks with High Reveal Display Row

      Mahogany Wine Racks with a Natural Finish

These tilted areas here are high reveal display rows where the label is visible. You can store light wines above and below the display area and certainly it lands some character to the wine room as well.

This is the right side wall where we have more of the single bottle storage custom wine racks and the display rows. This area here is a louver grill cover made of the same material as the custom wine racks California. It conceals the evaporator or the cooling unit that’s used in the wine room.

This is the left side wall I was telling you about. As you can see the side elevation here is 6 inches deep. The bottles lay sideways or horizontally and these openings are large enough not only for 750 milliliters bottles but also for magnums (1.5 liters). Here are some three-dimensional visuals of the area.

This is a wine cellar that was created with Mahogany wine racks; we applied a natural finish (click here to check out wood stain options for Mahogany wine racks). This is a view from the entry and the arch area, were actually that circular window was that we shared with you from the previous photo.

The total bottle capacity of the room is 471 bottles and the components that are included are indeed the single bottle 750 milliliters storage with high revealed display rows, horizontal displays for the 750 milliliters and the magnum bottles. We’ve got diamond bin Mahogany wine racks, arch, table top and of course the mahogany louvered grill that conceals the evaporator, which you can see just right up here on the right.

This one is the better picture of the right side wall, as you can see the cooling unit is up in here. This is the left side wall of the horizontal displays that we mentioned.

We used the split refrigeration system. The split refrigeration system means that the condenser is placed anywhere up to 75 feet away from the custom wine cellars Laguna Hills and the fan cool is actually placed in the wine room; this eliminates exhaust and hot air that is to be exhausted into the indoors or to an adjoining room.

We also used the Mahogany cellar entry door, chestnut stained, Mahogany framed door, full view dual paned glass door as well. Thank you so much, cheers from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California!

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