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Custom Wine Cellars San Diego California, Renovation Project

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego California, Renovation Project – A Processed Video Transcription


Design & Installation of Custom Wine Cellars San Diego California

Hi and thanks for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars San Diego California.  I’d like to take you on a tour of a project that we completed just this last spring in San Diego.  But before we get into some of the wine cellar design aspects, we’ll take a look at some of the before pictures during the construction.


Check out this Custom Wine Cellars San Diego Project - Before Photo

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego Project – Before Photo

This was actually part of a larger renovation going on of the home in San Diego CA.  In our efforts to help the client stay inside her budget window, we utilized a combination of 6’ series semi-custom wine racks and some of our custom aspects, but we’ll talk a little bit more about that as we get into the design.


The room was properly sealed and insulated.  Weatherproof drywall was placed over it and in this case you can see the walls were painted.  We took some measurements and had a conversation with the client about some of the aspects that she would like to see, you know, different ways to manage, store, and display the wines.


We created a three-dimensional wine cellar design package.  To help stay within her budget window, we used semi-custom wine racks and we offer 6, 7, 8 foot series, but in this case we used our 6’ series.  We also incorporated some custom features to help a little bit more with the character and the personality of the wine room as well as some management.


This is an overhead view of the wine room.  You can see all the dimensions are posted around the perimeter.  Our total height of the wine racks is just over 6 feet, about 6 ft. 3 in.  Using these semi-custom and custom features we attained 1,003 bottles stored.  Each elevation is marked A, B, C, and so on.

In elevation A, these are 6’ and in this case a half height semi-custom wine rack.  This is an area right here that is actually a window that you’ll see as we get into some of the photographs.  As you pass through the hallway into the wet bar area, you can actually see into the wine cellar.


We make a transition from one wall to another using a true radius curved corner.  Even in our semi-custom series, all the moldings – base moldings, the spacer bars, and such are true radius and not segmented.


Get this Custom Wine Racks San Diego California

Custom Wine Racks San Diego California

We utilized a series of single bottle storage racks with a high reveal display row where the bottles are pitched at a 15 degree angle.  Then along

the wall just across from the window, we created a custom feature where we utilized a tabletop area for serving and pouring.  Just above is a stemware wine rack that will allow you to hang glasses upside down by the base.


Below we have a lattice diamond bin.  Our client preferred the lattice diamond bin wine rack as you can see here in this picture.  It allows the cool air to flow around the bottles more efficiently and evenly.  This was important to the client plus it was a good way to help keep the cost down.


Solid material of 1×12 solid redwood is a little bit pricier.  Here are some of the photographs of after being installed.  This is from outside the wine room and the wet bar area looking through.


We supplied our Barolo style dual paned glass custom wine cellar door.  This is an exterior rated custom wine cellar doors with weather stripping, automatic door bottoms, and as I said dual paned glass, so you’ve got a nice airtight seal around the door perimeter as well.


Semi Custom Wine Racks San Diego CA

Semi Custom Wine Racks San Diego CA

Wine Barrel Table

Wine Barrel Table

This is the custom feature that we spoke of a few minutes ago with the lattice style diamond, the stemware rack above and a solid redwood tabletop. We recommend, either at the factory or upon installation, that you put a clear lacquer finish on this because redwood will stain quite easily.  Here’s the window that we spoke of as you pass into the wet bar.


The client had added some really nice accents to the wine room as you can see the wine barrel.  These wine racks have structure and integrity that will certainly support small items, but indeed wooden cases and hardboard cases.


This right here is the cooling unit that was placed above the racks.  It’s a self-contained wine cellar cooling system that mounts through the wall and will exhaust its warm air and fan noise to an adjoining area.

Thanks for stopping by and if we could be of any help, please reach out to us at  Cheers!

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego California - Coastal's Pride

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego California – Coastal’s Pride

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