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Custom Wine Racks for Various Wine Bottle Sizes

Different wine rack designs are available on the market today and sometimes we find it hard to decide which one best suits our storage needs. Here at Coastal, we offer custom wine racks which can store different wine bottle sizes.


Custom Wood Wine Racks for Different Wine Bottle Sizes


Coastal wine racks which are ideal for storing of 750ml wine bottles are available in standard wine rack and display wine rack designs. Our 6′ Two-Column Wood Wine Rack is one of the best single bottle storage wine racks we have. It can house up to 38 standard 750ml wine bottles, making it an ideal pick for starters.

This wine rack size is also available in a display wine rack version, our 6′ Two-Column Display Wood Wine Rack. This wine rack differs from the standard type because it is built with a display row for purposes of showcasing some of your favorite wines.

We also have a selection of wine racks for the storage of magnum and champagne bottles. A good example is our 6′ Two-Column Magnum and Champagne Wood Wine Racks which can store up to 32 bottles.

For splits, we recommend our 6′ Two-Column Splits (Half Bottle) Wood Wine Rack. This wood wine rack can store up to 46 half bottles.

To add more storage space and further enhance the look of these wine racks, you may choose to add a top shelf. Our 2-Column Magnum and Champagne Top Shelf and 2-Column Split (Half Bottle) Top Shelf can be purchased separately if you may want to add them in the future.

Watch this video below to learn more about these wine racks:

Wine Storage Wine Racks for Different Wine Bottle Sizes

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