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Designing Your Custom Wine Cellar – The Five-Step Approach

Dreaming of an extraordinary custom wine cellar should not be confined to your thoughts.  You may just keep on dreaming because you are thinking that designing is a complicated process to undergo but in fact, it is not!  Or you may have decided to give it a go but got confused on how to start it all.  Here, we will be providing you five simple steps to fulfill your dream of a custom wine cellar.

Step 1:

Have a definite description of how you want your wine collection be stored, showcased, and handled.  This is the first step that should be accomplished for you to be able to share in-depth and clear-cut details and not miss out on anything.  You may use the guide shown below to help you organize your thoughts.

  • I want my wine cellar to be placed at (the basement, beneath the stairs, near the dining room etc).
  • I have (number of wine bottles to be stored) for my wine collection.
  • I want to choose (type of wood) for my custom wine cellar.
  • For the lighting, I want (description of the effects you want to achieve, specifically the color and feel).
  • I also want to put up (other fixtures you want to include like wine barrel flooring, mural etc).

Step 2:

Share with one of our qualified design consultants all that you want, require, or envision about your wine cellar.  Our design consultants are very well-trained in accommodating comprehensive ideas from clients.

Step 3:

The design consultants will request the CAD team to produce a 3D design of the custom wine cellar you specified.  This group of experts is highly equipped with skills in 3D imaging covering as much as possible the entire specifications given by the client and the initial draft or sketch made by the consultant.  And all you have to do while they accomplish this is to wait for about 3 days, after which you will be receiving an email of the 3D presentation of your design.  This is called the 3D Design Package which includes a pdf file of the plan view, elevations, and 3D images of your wine cellar plus a link to a five-minute video clip of the 3D design which will help you understand better the concepts contained in the pdf file.


A 3D Sketch of Your Custom Wine Cellar Design

Step 4:

Our design consultant will then call you to ascertain if you received the email, if you got exactly what you want, or if there are any clarifications that need to be addressed.

Step 5:

After everything gets a two thumbs-up, the CAD team will submit a final proposal for you to approve, and your approval will be our command.

Based on the five steps mentioned, it is so amazing to discover that you, our client, will only take the first two steps and the rest is ours.  In fact we may add another final step for you:  Get excited!

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