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Double Deep Custom Wine Racks Perfect for Bulk Wine Storage

A wine rack is an indispensable tool for winemakers, retailers and wine enthusiasts alike. It enables them to display their various assortment of wine depending on their own specification in terms of the size of the cellar or storage space, the number of wine bottles at hand and the wine bottle’s actual individual sizes.

Nowadays, markets abound with ready-made wine racks of diverse styles and designs. However, having too many to choose from, we may find ourselves confused as to which wine rack perfectly fits our storage needs. We at Coastal, offer you our customizable storage solution. Our wine racks are uniquely made for each client’s requirements and can accommodate wine bottles of varying sizes.

For bulk storage options, Coastal boasts its Double Deep Custom Wine Racks and one perfect example is our Double Deep Rectangular Wine Rack Bin and Case which can store up to 300 wine bottles.


Double Deep Wine Racks - Perfect for Bulk Wine Storage


Another Double Deep wood wine rack which is ideal for both display and storage purposes is our Double Deep 5-Column Display Wine Rack with a storage capacity of 170 standard wine bottles and features a display row (front to back) to allow you to showcase 10 of your most loved wines.

An elegant and stylish piece of bulk wine storage equipment is the Double Deep Lattice Diamond Bin Wine Rack which boasts its diamond shaped bins creating an appealing design to your wine cellar.

If you are looking for a wood wine rack specially built for the storage of splits, then we recommend our Double Deep 2-Column Wood Wine Rack for Splits which can house up to 46 half bottles.

If you are a fan of champagne and magnum wines, then our Double Deep Champagne and Magnum Wine Rack is the ideal choice. This custom wine rack can store up to 60 magnum and champagne bottles.

Our Double Deep Curved Corner Display Wine Rack is the best pick if you want to maximize wine storage space available at home or in your store. It can efficiently store 136 bottles in standard 750ml formats.

To know more about these custom wine racks, watch this Youtube video:

Double Deep Wine Racks

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