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DQ and LPQ Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units for a Virtually Quiet Wine Cellar Cooling

Wine cellar refrigeration units are essential equipment in protecting wines on either a personal collection or commercial scale.  A good wine cellar refrigeration unit maintains the ideal wine storage temperature and relative humidity for wine to age to its optimum quality. The ideal wine cellar temperature is usually between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, with 60 to 75 percent relative humidity.

DQ Quiet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

DQ Quiet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

There are a lot of available wine cellar refrigeration units on the market.  US Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted companies offering quality and innovative wine cellar cooling units.

Two of the popular products they have are known for their virtually quiet operation features: the LPQ series and the DQ Series.  These refrigeration units are excellent for both small and large scale wine storage in either residential or commercial setting.  Both are digitally controlled and designed for different wine storage and aging scenarios.

The DQ series (Dual-Air Quiet Series) is a quiet wine cellar cooling unit, designed for long/narrow and frequently accessed wine cellars.  This powerful system is excellent for busy, high traffic wine cellars due to its excellent temperature recovery rate.  This cooling system is mounted on the ceiling, which releases cold air reaching 10 to 12 feet in two opposite directions at medium to high velocity, with the return air located at the bottom.

As the name “Quiet Series” implies, this system uses fan blades engineered for very low noise output.  To contribute to humidity balance, this system maintains a constant coil temperature with its automatic expansion valve.

This system also features a permanently lubricated motor for full thermal protection.  Other excellent features for this system are a factory-installed pump-down solenoid valve, which protects the compressor in cases of leakage, and factory installed valves to eliminate further thermostat wiring.

The LPQ (Low Profile Quiet) Series on the other hand is a ceiling mounted system designed specifically for quiet, low maintenance long term wine storage.  This quiet wine cellar cooling unit is perfect for commercial wine companies and collectors storing and properly ageing their wines.

LPQ Quiet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

LPQ Quiet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

The LPQ series releases chilled air behind the coil going down the wall, requiring only a few inches of clearance space with the return air sucked in through its angled front.  The LPQ series is encased in a heavy gauge aluminum cabinet for easy cleaning.  The fan guards and blades of the LPQ series are molded for noise reduction.  Similar to the DQ series, the LPQ also comes with a factory installed pump-down solenoid valve and valves to eliminate further thermostat wiring.

For additional options, both series types can have up to two more coils for additional capacity, more condensing units as back up or fail-safes, water cooled condensing units, and additional precautions for extremely low or high ambient temperatures.  US Cellar Systems also offers accessories for wine cellar refrigeration units, such as the excess refrigerant suction line accumulator, a system condenser enclosure, the electrical wiring harness, and more.

To view other types of wine cellar cooling units for your specific wine cellar cooling needs.  You can visit US Cellar Systems’ website here.

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