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Ensure Your Wines’ Safety with Earthquake-Proof Wine Racks

Underground Wine Cellars can Protect Your Wines from Earthquake

Earthquakes are an unpredictable natural occurrence. Although, according to scientists, the grounds shake daily at levels we do not feel. Medium to high intensity earthquakes are felt and may even cause unwanted ruin and destroy material possessions. We can only do so much to protect our homes and properties. Everything we possess becomes vulnerable.

There is wisdom in building one’s custom wine cellar under the ground as buildings and walls may tend to collapse during a high intensity earthquake. However, not all wine collectors have access to underground spaces where a wine cellar can be built. We can only work with the spaces and options available to us to protect our wine collection as much as we can.

Since wine bottles are placed in wine storage racks, it is logical to acquire wine racks which are durable and can withstand weight and shaking movements. When buying wine racks, one must test for strength and durability to ensure protection of the wine bottles in times of earthquakes.

Some wine collectors test the weight the wine rack can stand by putting their own weight on the wine racks. Check also if the wine rack tends to bend or lag in the middle when weight is applied to it.

Ways to Make Your Wine Racks Earthquake-Resistant


Wine racks can be bolted to the wall, floors, and ceilings so that they move with the house or building during an earthquake. This will, hopefully, prevent bottles from being too shaken and eventually falling to the floor. Wine racks must also be of reasonable height and must complement their width for them to be steadily standing and balanced.

Your wine racks must be designed with an angle slope so the bottles will rest against the wall in the event of an earthquake. Adding a durable door to your wine rack can also minimize the possibility of bottles falling on the floor during an earthquake.

If the wine racks are high to fit high roofed wine cellars, bolts can be placed at the top, middle and lower parts of the wine rack. Doing this will secure both the wine racks and the wine bottles.

O-RIings ensure that the bottles won’t sway and fall over during earthquakes.

Some wine collectors use zip ties to secure the bottles in slots in the wine rack. Some even use small chains or O-rings on the neck of the wine bottles attaching them to wine rack slots, while some place “gates” or “doors” in front of the bottles. Doing any of these will ensure that the bottles won’t sway and fall over during earthquakes.

For areas which are prone to earthquakes, it would be wise to avoid placing heavy objects on the wall, on top of wine racks, or anywhere in the wine cellar to minimize possible contact and eventual breakage of the precious wine bottles.

It is important to secure the bottles in all possible ways to ensure that your precious wine collection will not be harmed during an earthquake. Doing otherwise will lead to wasted money and create a dangerous breakage and expensive mess.

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