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Glass Stemware and Glass Wine Rack Stemware – Adding Spice to Your Wine Cellar Furniture

A good glass stemware and the wine cellar furniture that keeps or displays it are important components of wine presentation.  Having the best glass stemware when drinking wine is great, and having the right wine rack stemware to go with it is a plus.  Let us discuss the two components.

Wine Glass Stemware – Components and Types

Glass Stemware

Glass Stemware

Different wine glasses can influence not only the taste of wine, but also its perception.  The shape of these wine vessels are said to enhance the taste and flavor of wines, as they are specifically designed to accentuate the unique characteristics of a grape variety.

The three main components of a wine glass are the bowl, the stem, and the foot.  The bowl is the upper part of the glass that holds the wine.  The stem is where drinkers hold the wine glass, which helps avoid smudges on the bowl as well as prevents heat from the hands from affecting wine temperature.  The foot is the bottom part that keeps the glass stemware steady.

Wine glasses are classified into three types: red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and champagne flutes. Glasses for red wine are designed with a wider bowl and a larger surface in order to facilitate rapid oxidation, which will essentially smooth out the complex flavors and aromas of red wines.  Red wine stemware is further classified into two types: the Bordeaux glass and the Burgundy glass.

A Bordeaux wine glass is ideal for full-bodied red wines, such as Merlot and Syrah.  It is designed to guide the wine straight to the back of the mouth.  Burgundy wine glasses have broader bowls to capture the aromas of lighter, full-bodied reds like Pinot Noir.  The shape of this glass stemware dispenses the red wine to the tip of the tongue.

White wine glasses have a U-shaped bowl with a small opening that liberates the aromas of white wines, while retaining a cooler temperature simultaneously.  A glass stemware with a slightly large opening is best for tasting younger white wines, as it is designed to allow the wines to proceed directly to the tip and sides of the tongue.  For mature whites, a tall and straight white wine glass is ideal, because it directs the wine to the back and sides of the tongue.

A champagne flute is a tall and slim stem glass with a narrow opening.  The trumpet-shaped bowl helps maintain carbonation in the beverage.  Flutes are also used for drinking certain beers and other sparkling wines.

Wine Rack Stemware and Wine Cellar Furniture

Wine Rack Stemware - Glass Stemware

Wine Rack Stemware – Glass Stemware

Wine glasses are fragile, and therefore must be kept in a safe place where it is protected against breakage.  A wine rack stemware is the ideal storage solution for glass stemware.  This type of wine cellar furniture allows wine collectors to display their favorite stem glass alongside their favorite wine collectibles.

Wine rack stemware can be integrated into wine rack furniture or archways and create an aesthetic focal point in a wine cellar space.  Wine glass racks provide a stylish and convenient way of storing glass stemware.  They can be installed under the counter or mounted on the ceiling.

Wine rack stemware is constructed from wood or metal and comes in different styles that can accommodate various storage needs and design preferences.  For stemware wine rack furniture that is made from wood, there are a range of wood varieties to choose from, such as pine, redwood, and mahogany.  Wood and stain finish options are also available to enhance the natural beauty of the stemware wine cellar furniture.

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