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Here is the fourth and final video in the Wine Geek – Custom Wine Cellar Orange County Series

In this, the last video in our interview with our favorite wine geek, we see how it all comes together. From the rich look of the wine racking itself through to the christening party, the wine geek wine room story is now complete. We cover the process of stocking her wine cellar and the first bottle to be racked is a 2002 “Penfold’s Grange” from Australia.  We also go over how our wine geek used an excel spreadsheet and an online program to keep track of her wine.

Beautifully Lighted Custom Wine Cellar CA - Orange County Wine Geek

It's all about the lighting - Custom Wine Cellar CA - Orange County

Wine Cellars Orange County

It took around nine hours to simply put the bottles in the correct locations in the wine racks and this didn’t include categorizing or inventorying where they were!  Our wine geek then it took another day and a half to create a log of every category and where every bottle was located. Using Cellar Tracker, a Web 2.0 website, our client input all her wine allowing her guests to post their personal reviews of a particular wine based on its location in her wine cellar! Seems to us that you can’t get more geeky than that!

Completed California Wine Room

Lighting Makes A Wine Cellar in Orange County, California Pop!

By way of an example of why she did this, our wine geek explained that if she is entertaining and is asked by a guest if they can try a “Copin Syrah”, she was able, in Cellar Tracker using her iPad, to select “Syrah” – “Copin” ‘show me by drinking window’ what “Copin” was ready and where it was located in her cellar so that she could go straight to it. Smart!

When you see the cheese table at the wine cellar christening party you will wish you were one of the 40 people there. For sure you will begin to get an appreciation for the motivation and fun of having your own wine cellar. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our favorite wine geek for sharing her experience for us all to enjoy.

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County Wine Geek Part Four

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