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Here is the third video in the Wine Geek – Custom Wine Cellar Orange County Series

In this video we learn how fun it can be to watch paint dry  at least when the paint in question is part of your very own wine room taking shape! The wine racks arrive; get pre-assembled and the wine cellar cooling units are installed. Also see how the wine bottles actually fit into the racking. Our Wine Geek is so enthusiastic she sets up a ustream video of her assembling the racking herself!  The wine cellar installer makes a couple of faux pas by painting the wine cooling unit, apparently he didn’t like the silver finish which would get hidden anyway! Then there’s a footer in the closet that needs to be removed in order to fit the racking. We get to see the color of the wood species used to make the racking and how it appears to change color according to the lighting. Finally the impact of the lighting is really demonstrated…

To see the full story go to Custom Wine Cellar Orange County

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County Wine Geek Part Three

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