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Hosting Your Own Wine Tasting Party – 5 Tips for You

It’s time to enjoy wine by hosting your own wine tasting event. As a wine enthusiast you have the ability to lead a gathering of family and friends while enjoying a variety of wines to taste and talk about.

If it’s your first time, then we give you 5 simple yet effective steps in organizing a wine tasting party.


Wine Tasting

Hosting a Wine Tasting Event

First Step: Plan the whole event carefully.

Your first wine tasting event should be a memorable debut for you as a wine enthusiast. Thus careful planning should be done to make everything run smoothly. At this stage, you have to create a list of everything that you will need. This will serve as your checklist to make sure that every item on the list has been taken care of.

The first task you need to do is decide on a theme. Consider which grape variety, vintage and wine-making region you will set as your theme. Be creative on this as it will add to the excitement and ambiance as well as help you with the rest of the planning.


Second Step: Choose Your Wines.

Pick, at most, 5 different types of wine; having more than five wines may stress your guests’ taste buds. You may have both red and white wines on your list as long as you serve the light colored wines first and the darkest last. This is because darker wines are heavier and can mask the taste of lighter wines.

If you are having difficulty deciding, go to wine stores and/or vineyards and ask for advice. They are usually the experts and can give you some very good suggestions of what types of wine you may want to subject to wine tasting.

Keep in mind that before serving red wines you need to put them in the refrigerator for about 15 to 30 minutes while white wines should be refrigerated until just a few minutes before serving. Another great idea before the party officially starts is to give sparkling wines to your guests as a ‘kick-off’ beverage, this will help them to relax and get into the swing of things.


Third Step: Select your Food.

The best way to do this is by checking out the best food and wine pairings which you can find online. Serving foods that best match the wines you’ve chosen is one of the most important aspects of a wine tasting event.

Just remember that your guests should not leave without eating some solid food to compliment the wines they are drinking. It doesn’t have to be a full three course meal, just some hors d’oeuvres will do as long as your guests don’t go hungry and the food goes with the wine.


Fourth Step: Pick the location.

Choosing the best location involves taking into consideration such things as accessibility, safety, capacity and ambiance of the place.

It does not have to be held in expensive restaurants or wine stores. You can make your home a very good venue for this kind of event; it is the enjoyment and learning experience that matters most. Just try to make sure there is enough seating, some good music, and of course, enough wine glasses!


Fifth Step: Create a guest list.

Having a guest list will give you the idea of how many people you will be entertaining, the amount of wine to be served and the space you need to accommodate all of them.It’s a good idea to call each of the guests on the list to make sure they will actually be coming, you don’t want to put out too much food or buy too many bottles of wine.

During the event, it is important that you gather their opinions and thoughts about the wines that you have just let them taste and drink. This means making sure each guest has paper and pen in order to jot down their first thoughts on each wine they have just tasted. This will also help you to do a final tally as to the best wines of the evening for instance.

Hope these 5 tips can help you with your planning and make your first hosting of a wine tasting party be a day or evening to remember.




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