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Impressive California Commercial Wine Storage Display Ideas

Striking and Functional Wine Storage Displays Attract Customers

California commercial wine storage displays target potential customers who come into your shop or restaurant to purchase wines for a special occasion or to add to their growing collection. When they enter your commercial wine store or wine cellar, the first thing that they will notice is your wine display. Now, this is where having a great wine storage display plays a major role.

In order for your wine collection to be appealing to customers, your wine storage displays must strike that delicate balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal. They must be sturdy enough to store and protect your wine, but at the same time, appealing enough to show them off. Whether it’s in your custom wine cellar or in a wine tasting and viewing area, your wine storage display must allow easy visibility of wines.

The options that are out there in the market span such a wide range of looks, styles, and customization options that it can get overwhelming for any wine collector. Because of this, we came up with some great ideas on coming up with your own appealing wine storage display.

Appealing Wine Storage Display Ideas


1. Make it the room’s centerpiece.

Use stand-alone commercial wine racks or even refurbished wine barrels as your wine display case and place them in the center of the room. Make everything revolve around the wine display and adjust all the other elements in your room accordingly. This way, you can emphasize your wine collection and have customers or guests gather around it.

2. Hang it from the ceiling.

Make your wine collection seem as if it is floating from the ground. There are wine racks that can be hung from the top of your wall or even your ceiling, creating the illusion that your wine bottles are suspended in mid-air. This creates an airy and sophisticated look for your California commercial wine room.


 3. Use glass enclosures.

Not only is glass sleek and modern looking, it can also help ensure that your wine is kept at the optimal temperature for its storage. You can wrap a section of your wall in glass and store the wine inside, achieving both form and function with this design.


 4. Build it into your wall.

If you want to maximize the space of your wine storage area, nothing beats built-in racks or wall mounted shelves. This is especially ideal for large collections of wine that just keep growing in number.


5. Light it up.

Keep in mind that the wine cellar lighting plays a big part in keeping your wines safe and your wine room appealing. While there are concerns that the heat from light might damage the quality of the wine, there are modern alternatives such as LED lights or back-lighting that won’t hurt your wine’s aging process. These modern light installations add a soft glow that will illuminate your wine bottles gorgeously.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – Master Wine Cellar Builders California

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