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Learn about X-Cube – Diamond Bin and Rectangular Case Wood Wine Racks – Processed Video Transcription

X-Cube, Diamond Bin and Rectangular Wine Storage Racks

Hello and thanks for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Racks.  Today we’re going to talk about our 6” bin storage wine racks.  Bin wine storage racks allow you to store bottles in bulk whether the bottles are stored individually in bulk as we’re looking at here in this diamond bin wine rack, or if indeed you’re looking to store wooden or cardboard case and keep those elevated off the ground.

Wine Racks - Wine Storage Bins

Wine Racks – Wine Storage Bins

There are three primary bulk wood wine racks:  the diamond bin as we’re seeing pictured here; we offer an XQ which is a little bit different way to manage and store the wines and certainly adds a little bit different look to your wine cellar; we also offer the bin and the wood case racks.

Some of our clients will indeed utilize this particular component for individual bottles, magnums, double magnums, but most of the time folks are utilizing this wine rack for their wooden cases, whether it is a 3-bottle, a 6-bottle, or 12-bottle format case, this wine rack is ideal.  It is 26” wide; the spacing is about 10”, so it’s a perfect rack for this.

6' Wine Storage Racks

6′ Wine Storage Racks

With all these options that we offer you in the bin collection, we feel like this is a great way for you to manage your collection more effectively as well as adding some character to the wine cellar as well.  All of these bin wine racks that we’ve just discussed here are available in the 6’, the 7’ series as well.  You simply click on the tool bar on the left on the 7’ series, scroll down a little bit and you’ll find the diamond bin, the X cubes and the bin as we’ve been discussing.

You can do also the same for the 8’ series, simply by clicking on the 8” tool bar as we see pictured there.  These bulk wine storage racks are available in the lattice style format or a solid wood format.  We’ll take a look at this lattice X cube just to give you an example.

The lattice X cube is made up of a series on the side panels, the top panels, and the Xs themselves a series of 1 x 2 pieces of wood.  The solid X cube in this example, the sides, the top, and the slats or the diagonals are made up of 1 x 12 materials, so this allows more options for the wine cellar.  Lattice style is good for excellent circulation of the air flow in and around the bottles as well.

There are a lot of features that set our wine racks apart from the other manufacturers.  A couple I’ll point out here to you:  the base for all the wine racks not just the bins is a ½” tow kick that will elevate the wine racks and the bottles up off the floor at inch and a half.

There are rear stabilizer bars to increase the structural integrity of the kit wine racks.  We sand all of our products.  We certainly don’t want any splintered or rough edges on any of these kit wine racks.  We also offer several wood types and wood finishes.

By simply clicking the custom wine cellar wood choices here, you will get some descriptions on the different woods and certainly some pictures of the pine, the redwood, the mahogany, and the six different color options that we offer.

Lastly, all of the wine racks are available and will accommodate these optional base moldings and crown moldings that come in 6’ sections, and again in all the wood choice:  the pine, the redwood, and mahogany.  Thanks so much for visiting Coastal Customs Wine Cellars.  Cheers!

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