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Learn the Benefits of Wine Events, Plus Some Facts about Wine Storage

Learning About Wine through Wine Events 

Wine lovers who are seriously thinking about starting their own collection and buying endless amounts of wine should not only learn about proper wine storage, but also keep themselves informed on the different styles of wine.  Becoming an educated wine enthusiast allows both novice and veteran collectors to gain insight that will help them decide on the kind of wine varieties they want to store and age in their wine cellars.

Attending wine events, such as tasting events or wine festivals, is one way for wine collectors to expand their insight and knowledge on the many styles and tastes of wines.  A wine tasting event provides opportunities for the serious oenophile to taste a varied range of wines.  It is also an opportunity for wine enthusiasts to train their tasting skills and compare tasting notes with their fellow wine lovers.

 The 2 Wine Tasting Styles

Many wine stores occasionally sponsor wine tasting events, aside from the informal taste testing that is held in the wine shop itself.  There are two wine tasting styles offered: tutored tastings and walk-around tastings.

  1.        Tutored Wine Tastings

Conducted in the presence of a wine expert, tutored tastings provide an invaluable opportunity for novices and wine aficionados to hone their palate and learn everything they need to know to enhance their wine drinking experience.  This is an effective way to learn, because you learn from the wine expert’s own experiences and testimonies.

  1.        Walk-Around Wine Tastings

Walk-around tastings are informal sampling events that allow enthusiasts to mill around in a relaxed atmosphere and explore different grape varieties from around the world.  Wine growers from a particular country or region also participate in this event, giving wine lovers an opportunity to talk with them regarding their wines.

Wine Festivals – Wine Events Common in Wine Producing Regions

Wine festivals are wine events that are very common in wine producing regions or countries.  This event is held annually, to celebrate viticulture and commemorate the end of grape harvest.  Wine festivals are marked by wine drinking and food tasting in a festive environment.  Some of the best wine festivals are the North Carolina Wine Festival, the Maryland Wine Festival, and the Paso Robles Wine Festival.

Wine festivals showcase various wine producing regions and the different wine varieties they produce.  These events bring together wine makers and wine lovers to celebrate viticulture in a series of wine pairing seminars and receptions, as well as dinner events.

Taking part in these wine events can vastly improve the wine knowledge and tasting skills of a rookie wine enthusiast or a seasoned wine collector.  Sampling a plethora of wine styles will help collectors discover and decide on the best wine variety that suits their palate.

Starting Your Wine Collection

Before starting a wine collection it is important for wine lovers to learn the different types of wine they like.  Attending wine tasting events and wine festivals is the best place to start.

There are a wide range of books and publications available that can help wine lovers get an idea on the type of wine varieties to sample.  That way they know what to look for when attending wine drinking festivals.  Tasting a variety of wine styles and types will help collectors to determine their likes and dislikes, as well as to develop their tasting skills.

Putting Up a Wine Storage Room or Wine Cellar

When wine enthusiasts finally decide on purchasing and collecting a particular wine style, the next step is to put together a wine cellar wherein they can store their wine collectibles under optimum conditions.  There are two types of wine rooms:  passive and active.  A dedicated wine storage space is required if enthusiasts want to start their own wine collection.

  1.        Passive Wine Cellars

Passively cooled wine cellars are built below ground level and use the natural temperature underground to regulate temperature swings.  These may be in the form of caves.  In the past, wines were usually stored in caves, where the temperature was naturally cool.

  1.        Active Wine Cellars

Actively cooled wine cellars, on the other hand, must be properly insulated, and installed with the right type of refrigeration system in order to achieve and maintain the ideal climate conditions.

Keeping the wine storage temperature between 55 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit, and combining that with humidity levels between 60 to 70 percent, creates a stable environment that allows wines to age to their full potential.  Exposing wines to constant temperature swings can accelerate the aging process and ruin the overall quality of wines, while unstable humidity levels can lead to cork and label damage.

Regardless of where a wine aficionado intends to keep his wine collection, it needs to be stored in a place that is consistently cool, dark, and free from odor and vibration.  Wine rooms are the ideal place for storing and aging wines, because they are designed to be climate controlled.

Custom wine cellars are becoming more prevalent as a wine storage facility.  Serious wine collectors opt to have their own wine cellar built at home to accommodate their wine collection, big or small.  Customized wine cellars exude a more personalized appeal because the wine collector himself collaborates with the wine cellar builder in creating the wine cellar design he wants to achieve.

But for the budget savvy wine collector, there are affordable storage solutions available for a small or large wine collection, such as refrigerated wine cabinets.  Refrigerated wine cabinets are space savers, making them ideal for wine collectors who have a limited space at home that can be converted into a wine storage area.

Whatever type of wine storage facility you choose, make sure that you get the best products and services from a trusted wine cellar builder.  At Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, we make sure that we deliver quality products and services to our clients, from the design process to the complete installation of the wine cellar.

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