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Mahogany Wine Racks – Perfect for Custom Wine Cellars

Getting involved with wine collecting is one of the most fascinating hobbies that one may indulge in. Purchasing wines, studying their labels, choosing wine storage furniture, learning the proper way to store them and displaying your favorite wines are just some of the best things that a wine collector can enjoy.

Let us focus on the part where you choose the best furniture for your wine storage needs. Options include custom wine racks, wine cabinets, wine closets or a completely furnished wine cellar.

Here at Coastal, we recommend custom wine racks for storing and displaying wines.  One of the most in-demand wine rack wood species is the Mahogany Wine Rack. Why? Because of the following:


Mahogany Wine Racks are Highly Durable 

Custom Wood Wine Racks Made of Malaysian Mahogany

Stained Mahogany Wine Racks for a Custom Wine Cellar Project

Mahogany is a tropical hardwood that is abundant in South and Central America, as well as in Africa. The mahogany tree can grow up to 150 feet tall and as wide as 6 feet in diameter. Because of its size, mahogany can be made into large furnishings without joints or seams.

It has high density and very good resistance to moisture and warping, making it stable in cold and damp conditions, such as inside a climate controlled wine cellar.

With these wood characteristics, mahogany wine racks can indeed withstand the test of time.


Mahogany Wine Racks Have Naturally Beautiful Color Schemes 

Mahogany wood exhibits natural color schemes that range from pale beige to reddish brown and dark brown. These rich colors make mahogany wine racks look especially elegant, whether stained or not.


Mahogany Wood for Wood Wine Racks

Mahogany Wood Used by Coastal in Building Wood Wine Racks

Mahogany Wine Racks Have Attractive Wood Grain Patterns 

Mahogany has fewer knots, voids and pockets, creating a distinctive and even grain pattern that make it a popular wood choice in building wine racks and other furniture.


Mahogany Wine Racks Can Take Wood Stains Very Well 

Mahogany has the ability to take different wood stains very well. This creates striking finish results on mahogany wine racks and can complement other furnishings found inside the storage room or the house.

With all these wood properties, mahogany wine racks deserve to play a part in your wine collecting and wine storage endeavors.

Take a look at Coastal’s wine racks gallery here:

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