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Metal and Wood Wine Racks – Which Type is Right For You?

Are you searching for a wine rack but are indecisive on what type to choose? Then let us help you decide.

Wine racks are made not only to store wines but also to organize them in a more efficient and aesthetically appealing way.

Wine racks vary in size, storage capacity, design, and building material used. The two most popular materials are wood and metal. Comparing wood and metal wine racks is one way to help you determine which one suits your storage needs.

Choose metal wine racks if you…

  • Want versatility in shapes and styles
  • Desire color variations
  • Have a short-term wine storage goal
  • Wish to focus more on display options
  • Prefer a more contemporary style


Metal Wine Racks

Metal Wine Racks by Coastal Custom Wine Racks

Metal wine racks are more unique compared to wood wine racks when it comes to shape and style variations. More flowing and curved shapes can be created with metal but it is not easy to handle or work with, unlike wood.

Metal wine racks usually have a lesser bottle storage capacity. They are fairly durable but when they break, they are more difficult to restore.

Another very good feature of metal wine racks is that they can be easily painted. You just have to be careful when choosing a painted metal wine rack as you need to make sure that the paint used is chip resistant if you want the color to last very long.

If your home is contemporary style inspired, then metal wine racks are the best option for you.




Choose wood wine racks if you…

  • Want more customization options
  • Have long-term wine storage in mind
  • Plan to store wines in bulk
  • Give high importance to stability
  • Desire stained or lacquer finished furniture
  • Have a climate control system installed inside the wine room
  • Prefer a traditional style


Wood Wine Racks

Wood Wine Racks by Coastal Custom Wine Racks

Wood wine racks offer great customization options which means that you can purchase an average size wine rack and can later add more storage space if needed by installing an extra wine bin, wine cubicle or another wine rack with a different style.

They are ideal for long-term wine storage because of the remarkable durability of wood. Among the most durable wood species are redwood, mahogany, pine and alder. Certain naturally occurring wood properties make these woods ideal for wine storage.

If you have quite a large wine collection, no other type of wine rack can house them as well as wooden wine racks. Their structural stability is exceptional in that they can hold anywhere from several hundred to several thousand bottles of wine.

In addition, wood wine racks are more adaptable to the environment of a wine cellar where a climate control or wine cellar cooling system exists. For bulk wine storage, you have options like double deep wine racks, wine bins, stackable wine racks and a lot more!

Since wood has the ability to absorb stains well, wooden wine racks can be stained with different types of wood stain and may be finished with lacquer for a more glossy surface.

Wood wine racks are perfect for those who want to give their wine storage and display area a touch of traditional style. Furthermore, wooden wine racks can easily be matched with the other wooden furniture you already have at home.

Whichever type of wine rack you choose, just remember that the quality and proper aging of your wines are the most important considerations to keep in mind.

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