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What a great idea – Nautical Timbers – Creative Wine Cellar Flooring

When creating a custom wine cellar, the challenge and the desire of most people is to design something unique and personalized.  For wine cellar builders new materials that can be creatively used to create new looks are something they are constantly on the lookout for.

Nautical Timbers for Wine Cellar Flooring - Designs

This product, antique nautical timbers obtained during the creation of deep water ports are a major find.   Exclusively from ships that traveled the world from the 1940’s to the early 1970’s this material is inherently environmentally friendly.

Idea for wine cellar flooring, the preparation of the wood is a process of delicately re-sawing to preserve the natural character and patina acquired over the years.

Limited supplies – Unique Looks – Wine Cellar Designs

Nautical Timbers California Wine Cellar Flooring DesignsThis product ranges greatly in color, width and character and gives a truly unique look to any wine cellar floor.

While it is cost effective by its very nature, the supply of nautical timbers are limited.

Call us to discuss the possibility of designing in this environmentally friendly piece of history as feature in your next wine cellar flooring project.

See some examples of the installed product showing the range of finished and colors possible with this truly unique product.  Named as a “New Product of the Year, by This Old House Magazine” Nautical Timbers Wine Cellar Flooring can be designed into both commercial and residential wine room displays.

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