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Nikita Restaurant’s Commercial Wine Racking & Restaurant Wine Display Malibu California

Restaurant Wine Display Project at Nikita Restaurant in Malibu California

Nikita Restaurant Wine Display Malibu California Project

Nikita Restaurant Wine Display Malibu California Project

The addition of a commercial wine storage display in a key visual area of an upscale restaurant or hotel not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the design layout, but also provides an environment that enhances the dining experience.  A visually stimulating restaurant wine display Malibu California demonstrates the wine lifestyle while promoting wine culture and consumption at the same time.

Stunning wine bottle presentation is an essential component in creating a restaurant wine display that will attract wine aficionados and entice wine novices to taste and experience a variety of world class wines.  Attracting an audience of veteran wine lovers and would be oenophiles can lead to a potential increase in sales revenue and earn a loyal following in the process.

In order to create an eye-catching commercial wine storage display and achieve a total storage capacity of over 1500 wine bottles, the designer for this restaurant wine display Malibu California Nikita project utilized wine racking components that allowed for optimal storage capacity, without compromising style.  Three-foot and four-foot height commercial wine racking are combined with custom floor to ceiling wine storage systems and X-bin components.

Commercial Wine Racking Using VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Commercial Wine Racking - Nikita Restaurant

Commercial Wine Racking – Nikita Restaurant

VintageView commercial wine racking were custom cut to 3ft and 4ft heights in order to fit between the stunning wood shelves.  VintageView metal wine racks offer versatility in design and installation options.  They are configured in a way that allows the utilization of unused wall spaces for additional storage in a visually appealing way.  The contemporary feel they bring to the storage space bode well with the Zen-inspired interior of this high-end restaurant.

Bulk Commercial Wine Storage Using Metal X-Cube Racks

Metal display and storage solutions from VintageView features horizontal, label forward restaurant wine display that facilitates proper placement of wine bottles during storage.  The label forward characteristic of commercial wine racking provides an unobstructed view of bottle labels, thus making it easier for clients to peruse through their wine offerings.

To increase storage capacity and enhance product identity, custom floor to ceiling wine storage systems were placed near the glass walls and entryway to the wine room.  Tasteful restaurant wine display and presentation of wine bottles promote ease of brand recognition that can translate into added revenue.

Floor to ceiling wine racks from VintageView are mounted on high quality steel frames that are fastened securely to the floor and ceiling, which allows them to be flexible in terms of their location and position.  These racking solutions can be installed in front of glass walls or in the middle of the room for a more stunning display of liquid collectibles.

Metal X Cube Commercial Wine Storage Racks

Metal X Cube Commercial Wine Storage Racks

Metal X cube bin components were added for bulk commercial wine storage.  This type of racking solution is convenient for storing wine bottles of different sizes and can fit a large quantity of wine bottles.  An X cube rack is an excellent tool for organizing and managing a large collection.  It allows for a specific wine variety or brand to be consolidated in a group.

This restaurant wine display Malibu California Nikita project merges style and functionality to create a wine storage method that effectively organizes and attractively showcases the best wine brands in a commercial setting.  A well designed storage layout and well thought out wine displays can spruce up the interior and potentially increase sales revenue.

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