Commercial Wine Storage and Custom Wine Display Tips

Now that wine making and wine collecting are not anymore an exclusively French preoccupation, more and more wine regions and wine countries are blossoming all over the world. These regions are producing some of the most excellent varietals of wine and have connoisseurs excited.

It’s no wonder then that commercial wine cellars are experiencing robust growth. If you’re one of those who are toying with the idea of setting up your own wine retail business, we’ll put you on the right track with these tips and suggestions.

Things to keep in Mind when Setting Up a Wine Retail Store 

Securing Lease and License  

The most challenging part is making sure that you secure a lease for your location and a license at the same time. The license for opening a wine shop requires that you have a chosen location, but this does not guarantee that your license will be approved. The worst case scenario is that you will have a store with no license to operate. This will cause legal problems in the future.

Know Your Costs 

The construction cost is also an essential factor if you are going to build a commercial custom wine cellar. To protect your vintages, a good wine storage system must be set up in order to allow wine to age well.

Wine racks are another cost to keep in mind, as they are not just for storage purposes, but for display and enticement purposes as well. This includes signage as well as point of sale materials. Note that security is important as well, in order to secure your wine collection.

Decide What to Sell  

What kind of wine retail store do you want to have? Are you going to sell sparkling wine or the traditional high-end red vintages? Will you concentrate on table wines for parties and such, or precious vintage labels for the more discerning collectors? Knowing this will not only help you set up an inventory system that will work for the kind of demand that you will be facing, it will also help you target your market.

Commercial Wine Storage Conditions 

Proper storage of wine is paramount for any would-be wine retailer. There are certain conditions that must be met in order to prevent wine from spoilage. Humidity and temperature must be kept at their ideal levels. Wine storage temperature is ideal between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, while humidity must not be higher or lower than 70%.

Your wine cellar’s location is important too. Ideally there should be no direct sunlight seeping into your cellar, as this can deteriorate your wine. Vibrations and noise must not be present either. Also, make sure that your wine is stored in a horizontal position to keep your corks moist.

Commercial Wine Displays  

Commercial wine storage racks should be able to fulfill a three-fold function. First, they must be sturdy enough to store a large number of wines. Retailers often rely on a good, well-stocked inventory in order to meet the demands of their client. Not only this, but the inventory will be changing or rotating every so often, so it’s important that your wine rack can sustain this.

Second, they must be able to display your wines optimally for easy management of inventory. Forward-facing labels are ideal, as well as customizable wine rack systems in case you want to add or subtract a bottle from your collection without having to install all new wine racks.

Third, your commercial custom wine display should be pleasant to look at. This means that they are stylish enough to attract the attention of your customers and must blend well with the overall look and feel of your establishment. In this regard, you will have no problem as there are plenty of different kinds of wine racks to choose from: wood, metal, and glass, as well as different styles, shapes, and sizes.

Stunning custom wine displays will boost your business’ sales. Contact Wine Cellars by Coastal – a trusted wine cellar builder. They also provide wine storage solutions for home wine cellars at competitive prices. Visit their website at

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Coastal Custom Wine Cellars an Introduction

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars an Introduction – A Processed Video Transcription


Coastal Custom Wine Cellars an Introduction

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Hello.  Thank you for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  My name is Jerry Wilson.  I’d like to take you on a short tour of our website but before I do, I’d like to tell you a little bit about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.

We have nearly fourteen years of experience designing wine cellars and we offer concepts to completion wine packages. These packages consist of the highest quality of materials such as architectural grade red woods, alder woods and mahoganies with stain and finish options.

Free Wine Cellar Design

Free Wine Cellar Design

We have complimentary three dimensional innovative wine cellar design services and did in many communities around the country. We offer installation and contracting services as well.  With more than 50,000 square foot of production floor, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is the leading provider of custom wine cellars specializing in residential and hospitality venues regardless of their size.

Custom Wine Cellars Gallery

Custom Wine Cellars Gallery

Let us take a short tour of the website so that you will have the opportunity to see all of our products.  Here as on every page, you have 3D wine cellar design request form and a quick quote form.  If you will submit this to us in many cases we will get back to you on the same day. Or if you would like more immediate assistance, along the top of the page and also on our contact field, we have our toll free numbers or my direct line here in California.

Along the top of the page, there are tabs that will take you to the different areas of our website including the homepage, the custom wine cellars page that will navigate you to our wine cellar gallery; there are a lot of photographs of wood and metal wine racks there not only in private residences but also in some cases in restaurants and some fine wine stores.  Here you will learn more about wood wine racks, metal wine racks and even an evolution design series known as the contemporary.

Under this tab, the wine cellar cooling, you will learn more about self-contained wine cellar cooling systems versus the split systems versus ducted wine cellar cooling systems.  Here you will find more information about our doors, here about our specialty flooring, and of course the about page and contact page will allow you to contact us directly by email or by phone.

Coastal Custom Wine Racks Shopping Site

Coastal Custom Wine Racks Shopping Site

Here under shop online, we offer a full line of wood and metal wine racks.  You will find our semi-custom six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot wine racks, double deep wine racks and commercial wine racks.  If you click on these pages you will learn more and by clicking on each of the individual thumbnails, you will learn more about costs, dimensions, bottle capacities and so on.  All of these can be purchased online.

Under this tab about Custom Wine Cellars, you will learn more about some of the specialty items like flooring, lighting and wine barrel carvings.  Under this title here Wine Cellar Refrigeration, you will learn a little bit more about the different methods and the manufactures that we represent.

This column here entitled Custom Wine Cellars is dedicated to custom wine cellars and wine cellar design and in every case we take you through a project from start up to completion. Here you will find more about some of our free shipping offers and the different products and manufactures that we offer.

I hope your visit to Coastal Custom Wine Cellar has been both informative and useful in getting your own wine cellar project started.  Cheers!

Wine Cellar Design by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Wine Cellar Design by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

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Nikita Restaurant’s Commercial Wine Racking & Restaurant Wine Display Malibu California

Restaurant Wine Display Project at Nikita Restaurant in Malibu California

Nikita Restaurant Wine Display Malibu California Project

Nikita Restaurant Wine Display Malibu California Project

The addition of a commercial wine storage display in a key visual area of an upscale restaurant or hotel not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the design layout, but also provides an environment that enhances the dining experience.  A visually stimulating restaurant wine display Malibu California demonstrates the wine lifestyle while promoting wine culture and consumption at the same time.

Stunning wine bottle presentation is an essential component in creating a restaurant wine display that will attract wine aficionados and entice wine novices to taste and experience a variety of world class wines.  Attracting an audience of veteran wine lovers and would be oenophiles can lead to a potential increase in sales revenue and earn a loyal following in the process.

In order to create an eye-catching commercial wine storage display and achieve a total storage capacity of over 1500 wine bottles, the designer for this restaurant wine display Malibu California Nikita project utilized wine racking components that allowed for optimal storage capacity, without compromising style.  Three-foot and four-foot height commercial wine racking are combined with custom floor to ceiling wine storage systems and X-bin components.

Commercial Wine Racking Using VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Commercial Wine Racking - Nikita Restaurant

Commercial Wine Racking – Nikita Restaurant

VintageView commercial wine racking were custom cut to 3ft and 4ft heights in order to fit between the stunning wood shelves.  VintageView metal wine racks offer versatility in design and installation options.  They are configured in a way that allows the utilization of unused wall spaces for additional storage in a visually appealing way.  The contemporary feel they bring to the storage space bode well with the Zen-inspired interior of this high-end restaurant.

Bulk Commercial Wine Storage Using Metal X-Cube Racks

Metal display and storage solutions from VintageView features horizontal, label forward restaurant wine display that facilitates proper placement of wine bottles during storage.  The label forward characteristic of commercial wine racking provides an unobstructed view of bottle labels, thus making it easier for clients to peruse through their wine offerings.

To increase storage capacity and enhance product identity, custom floor to ceiling wine storage systems were placed near the glass walls and entryway to the wine room.  Tasteful restaurant wine display and presentation of wine bottles promote ease of brand recognition that can translate into added revenue.

Floor to ceiling wine racks from VintageView are mounted on high quality steel frames that are fastened securely to the floor and ceiling, which allows them to be flexible in terms of their location and position.  These racking solutions can be installed in front of glass walls or in the middle of the room for a more stunning display of liquid collectibles.

Metal X Cube Commercial Wine Storage Racks

Metal X Cube Commercial Wine Storage Racks

Metal X cube bin components were added for bulk commercial wine storage.  This type of racking solution is convenient for storing wine bottles of different sizes and can fit a large quantity of wine bottles.  An X cube rack is an excellent tool for organizing and managing a large collection.  It allows for a specific wine variety or brand to be consolidated in a group.

This restaurant wine display Malibu California Nikita project merges style and functionality to create a wine storage method that effectively organizes and attractively showcases the best wine brands in a commercial setting.  A well designed storage layout and well thought out wine displays can spruce up the interior and potentially increase sales revenue.

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