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Pine Wine Racks – Ideal Wine Racking Solutions for Your Precious Wines

Wine racks handcrafted from wood are the ideal wine storage solutions.  Wood has an innate beauty, that can bring elegance and charm to any wine cellar.  They can also be stained to match or complement the existing design of a wine storage space.  Since wood wine racks are produced from different wood varieties, they offer an array of choices that can meet storage and display requirements of clients.

Pine is one of the most sought-after wood varieties in manufacturing high quality furniture, such as wine storage racks.  Although 90 percent of pine trees are found in the northern hemisphere, they also thrive in subtropical and temperate mountainous areas around the world.  There are about 125 known species of pine.  They have an average height of 45 to 135 feet, but there are certain species, such as Ponderosa Pines, that can grow as tall as 250 feet.

Pine - A Durable Material used in Building Wine Racks

Pine – A Durable Material used in Building Wine Racks

Pine lumber is a popular wood type in building custom wine rack furniture.  It is a soft wood that offers ease of use on woodworking projects.  It has beautiful wood grains and patterns that require minimal or no staining.  In addition to its aesthetic appeal, pine is very durable and sturdy.  With proper wood treatment, pine lumber can resist rotting and decay.

Wood wine racks made from pine are cost-effective storage solutions.  Wine collectors get their money’s worth because these racking systems not only offer affordability, but also enduring quality.  They can last for a long period of time with little maintenance.

Pine wine racks are among the strongest wine racks on the market.  They can hold a large number of wine bottles without danger of collapsing from the weight load.

Stackable wood Wine Racks Los Angeles from Coastal Custom Wine Racks

Stackable wood Wine Racks Los Angeles from Coastal Custom Wine Racks

Wine storage solutions produced from pine lumber come in various styles and sizes that can be mixed and matched in order to reach or improve total bottle capacity of a custom wine cellar and enhance the look of the storage room.  Stackable and wall-mounted pine wine racking designs allow wine lovers to grow their collection in a space efficient way.

Pine wine racks Los Angeles are also available in high reveal display row models and label forward racking systems wherein the best wine labels are prominently highlighted.  For maximum storage capacity, diamond bins and rectangular bins are recommended.  These storage options provide plenty of space to hold different sized wine bottles and they are great for storing wines in bulk.

Wood Wine Racks Los Angeles with High Reveal Display Row

Wood Wine Racks Los Angeles with High Reveal Display Row

Curved corner wine racks and quarter round display shelves crafted from pine wood provide a smooth transition between walls in a wine storage room.  Aside from wine bottles, quarter round shelves can also hold decanters, champagne buckets, and other decorative pieces.  Pine wine rack systems are designed to fit all wine bottle sizes, from splits to double magnums.

Integrating pine wine racks Los Angeles into the wine cellar design allows for a tasteful and visually appealing way of displaying and organizing a vast collection of different brands of wine.  Pine wood wine racks have natural allure that can blend well with any existing decor. They are an excellent management tool that can elevate the overall appearance of a wine cellar.

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