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Proper Wine Storage Temperature with WhisperKOOL Cooling Units

WhisperKool Cooling Units - Maintaining Constant Wine Storage Temperature

WhisperKool Cooling Units – Maintaining Constant Wine Storage Temperature

The main purpose of a wine cellar space is to provide the best storage environment, wherein wines can age for a long period of time.  In order for a wine room to function efficiently, it requires a cooling system that will help achieve the desired climate conditions.  Wine cellar climate control systems are considered to be the lifeline of a wine cellar, because they are specifically designed to stabilize wine storage temperature and humidity.

Constant temperature fluctuations can negatively affect the aging process of wine, and cause spoilage.  Humidity is also a significant factor.  Inconsistent humidity levels can dry out wine corks and damage the quality of wines, as well as encourage mold growth, which can contribute to the deterioration of wine labels.

Wine cellar cooling units are purpose-built to help maintain the wine storage temperature between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity within 60 to 75 percent.  There are a number of reliable brands that dominate the wine cellar refrigeration systems industry, and one of them is WhisperKOOL.  They manufacture a line of climate control systems, ranging from self-contained cooling systems to fully ducted units.

Most WhisperKOOL cooling units come with a liquid temperature probe that measures the actual wine bottle temperature.  Their products are engineered to sustain a temperature differential of up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and to provide vibration free and whisper quiet airflow.  Some of the cooling products that WhisperKOOL manufacture are the SC Series, Extreme Series, Split Systems, and Fully Ducted Systems.

WhisperKool Cooling Units (Self-Contained Series)

WhisperKool Cooling Units (Self-Contained Series)

The SC Series by WhisperKOOL is a self-contained wine cellar cooling unit designed for easy through-the-wall application.  This unit features a single piece mounting bracket that removes the need for a support shelf.  The SC Series model is equipped with a condensate evaporator that eliminates moisture build up and effectively maintains the proper wine storage temperature consistently.  It also comes with an optional duct kit that allows warm air to be exhausted outdoors or to an adjoining room.

The WhisperKOOL Cooling Units Extreme Series functions as a forced-air mounted on-the-wall unit, or a remote ducted cooling system.  Ducted application allows the unit to be installed in an indoor remote location that results in noise-free operation.

WhsiperKool Cooling Units (Split Systems)

WhisperKool Cooling Units (Split Systems)

WhisperKOOL Split Systems have cooling capacities that are ideal for a large wine cellar space.  They offer versatility in installation options.  Split systems have two components:  the evaporator unit and condensing unit.  This split feature allows the nosiest part of the unit (the condenser) to be installed some distance away from the storage room, thus promoting a quiet in-cellar environment.

Fully Ducted Platinum Split Systems by WhisperKOOL Cooling Units provide installation flexibility.  The fully ducted application allows both the evaporator and condenser to be situated in remote areas of the home, which eliminates the physical presence of the cooling equipment inside a wine cellar, as well as helps create a storage environment that is virtually silent.


Digital Controller for a More Effective Wine Storage Temperature Control

Digital Controller for a More Effective Wine Storage Temperature Control

Some of the wine cellar cooling units manufactured by WhisperKOOL are accessorized with an advanced digital controller, for easy and accurate monitoring of the wine cellar temperature.  WhisperKOOL cooling units are designed to provide rock-solid durability and ensure efficient performance.



Keep in mind that the efficiency of a wine cellar space is attributed to several factors, including the right type of climate control system, proper insulation and vapor barriers, and an airtight seal.

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