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Reclaimed Oak Wine Barrels – Exceptional Flooring Option

Wine cellar flooring is an essential aspect in the overall look and feel of your wine cellar interior.  It adds character and charm to your storage space.  Flooring for wine cellars may come from various sources.  The use of carpets as floor covering is highly discouraged because the climate controlled conditions of a wine cellar can contribute to mold formation in carpet fibers.

One important thing to keep in mind when choosing wine cellar flooring is its weight load capacity.  It should be sturdy enough to handle the combined weight of the wine collection, racking systems, and cabinetry.  The flooring material should also be resistant to rot and decay.

Flooring for wine cellars can complement the design and enhance the aesthetic quality of your wine storage room.  But if you want to give your wine cellar an extraordinary personality, then reclaimed wine barrel flooring is an excellent flooring option.

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Wine Barrel Flooring by Coastal

Wine barrel flooring comes from reclaimed oak barrels.  A typical oak wine barrel has a lifespan of five years.  Oak barrels are usually discarded in landfills or sold as firewood once they’ve served their purpose.  However, sustainability enthusiasts found creative and innovative uses for old wine barrels.  Using it as a flooring material is a perfect example.

Recycled wine barrels are eco-friendly materials because all of the parts are utilized.  Cooperage features the insignias and markings of a particular winery.  These characteristics are what give wine barrel flooring its distinctive look.  The contents of the wine barrels are indicated through the stamps and markings.

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Old Oak Wine Barrels for Wine Cellar Flooring

Infusion is crafted from the inside of the wine barrels.  Since it is the part that comes in contact with the wine, it is naturally stained to form different hues from red to golden brown.  The stave is the outside part of the wine barrels.  It consists of eight oak strips held in place by metal hoops.  When these hoops are removed, it gives the wooden staves their unique striations.

One of the advantages of using reclaimed wine barrel flooring is the one of a kind appearance that it provides your wine storage room.  Your wine cellar flooring stands out from the rest because no two planks are exactly the same.  This piece can also be used to build matching countertops for a more elegant and custom look.

Other types of wine cellar flooring are wood, stone, cork, and tile.  Wood is a durable material that can last for a long time when cared for properly.  It is naturally beautiful and can complement any décor.  Stone has an enduring quality and it is not prone to staining.  Popular types of stone flooring are marble, slate, and granite.

Cork is another excellent flooring option because of its insusceptibility to mold and termite infestation.  It has insulating and anti-allergenic properties.  Cork flooring is designed to help reduce noise and vibration, which makes it suitable for wine cellar use.  Tile flooring comes in a wide array of styles and patterns that can suit any design scheme.  It provides ease of installation and maintenance.

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Article by written Jerry Wilson who has been designing and building custom wine cellars for both residential and commercial projects for over 10 years Google+

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