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Reclaimed Wine Barrels for Wine Cellar Flooring & Tabletops

Flooring for wine cellars is made from various materials and they can greatly enhance the overall look of your wine storage room.  Flooring choice should be of superior grade in order to withstand weight pressure from the racking system, wine bottles, furniture, and cabinetry.

Due to the cool and moist conditions of wine cellars, carpets are not a good flooring option because they contain fibers that can facilitate mold growth.  Carpets are also susceptible to staining and they retain dust particles.

Wine Barrel Wine Cellar Flooring

Wine Barrel Wine Cellar Flooring

To give your wine cellar a unique and exceptional look, choose recycled oak barrels for your wine cellar flooring material.  The use of vintage wine barrels is the latest thing in wine cellar flooring.  Wine barrels that are used in wine production bear the markings of the vineyard label and winery logo.  The content of wine barrels is identified through their individual stamps and markings.

The insignias are what give each barrel its distinctive appearance.   Reclaimed wine barrels cast a natural red glow and wonderful brown tones, which is the result of grape skins being rubbed on the outside surface of each wine barrel.

Recycled wine barrel flooring utilizes both the inside and outside surface of the barrel and when the stamped portion of the barrel is thrown into the mix, your wine cellar floor transforms into a stunning combination of elegance and Old World appeal.

Since no two pieces of wine barrels are the same, your floor is given a one of a kind appearance that is sure to impress friends and visitors.  You can take it up a notch by creating a matching tabletop surface.  A wine cellar that showcases flooring and tabletops made from recycled wine barrel components is a statement of excellent taste and adds character to the storage room.

The three parts of reclaimed wine barrels used in wine cellar flooring and tabletops are cooperage, stave, and infusion.  Cooperage is the top and bottom part of the barrel that features labels and markings of the corresponding winery.  Stave refers to the side of the barrels that shows distinct markings from barrel hoops.  Infusion is the inside portion of the barrel that is colored by authentic grape stains.

Recycled Wine Barrels

Recycled Wine Barrels

Recycled wine barrels are the ideal flooring option for the eco-minded wine enthusiast.  Wine barrels have a life expectancy of approximately five years.  Most of these barrels are then used in landfills, or sold as firewood or planters.  But because of an eco-friendly process, these reclaimed wine barrels are given a new lease on life.

Instead of being used as landfill fillers or turned into firewood, recycled wine barrels are transformed into an environmentally friendly wine cellar flooring material.  All parts of the wine barrel are utilized as flooring or tabletop material, which provides variety in terms of coloring and appearance.

Reclaimed wine barrels are handsomely handcrafted to provide an exquisite setting for your wine storage room with an eco-friendly flair.  They also guarantee long lasting quality.  Using recycled wine barrel components will certainly achieve that custom look you’ve always wanted for your wine cellar.

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