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Residential Renovation – Custom Wine Cellars Santa Ana, CA

Residential Renovation – Custom Wine Cellars Santa Ana, California Processed Video Transcription 


Custom Wine Cellars Santa Ana California Residential Renovation

Hi and thanks for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  We’re going to take you on a tour today of a beautiful residential wine cellar Santa Ana California.  This home was undergoing a major renovation and as you might imagine our portion of the project was to take this kind of old school wet bar looking area and turn it into a beautiful wine cellar.

A Beautiful Custom Wine Cellar Santa Ana California

Residential Renovation Interior Designer – Custom Wine Cellars Santa Ana, CA

So after a lot of consultation with Connie Robertson, the interior designer, and the homeowners Dwight and Marianne, we actually gutted the wine room and created a wall canvass to work with.  A few days later we had a three dimensional wine cellar design package created for them to consider and they weren’t really looking for anything over the top, just a well-balanced display with an arched area.

Some subtle elegance, if you will.  So this is the overhead view of the wine room, all the perimeter dimensions are posted. Each walls typically labeled A, B, C, and so on.  Total bottle capacities are always posted and how those bottles break down into various components here.

So these little half round wine racks here as you’ll see in the photographs and the 3D views here a moment, these are called quarter round display shelves, so it makes a nice visual because the entire front entry area is a glass wall and glass entry.

So the left side and the right side walls are identical.  They are for the most part single bottle storage wine racks with a high reveal display row.  We placed LED lighting in this light balanced area to illuminate those areas and a little bit of label forward horizontal display as well.

The wall across from the entry, again more horizontal displays to the left and to the right of the arched area and a diamond bin which was really a nice feature not only from a visual perspective but also it’s a good management tool for some of the bulk storage that they had and large format bottles.  And we also had a grill cover which was actually concealed and flushed with the ceiling to…this actually conceals the split-refrigeration fan coil that actually supplies the cold air supply return to the wine cellar, and some 3D visuals.

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Mahogany Wine Racks – Custom Wine Cellars Santa Ana

A little bit of an arch, kind of a crescent-shaped table top we created as well, so all in all a very nice cellar.  This is almost complete; they haven’t actually installed the glass wall or entry just yet.

We’ve chosen Malaysian mahogany wine racks and we stained it what we call a rustic stain and we put a clear lacquer finish over it to give it kind of a more furniture quality luster versus a matte finish.  All in all it’s a fun project to work with, and we’d certainly like to help you design your residential wine cellar project if you have one.

You can reach out to us at via our website or call me at 949-355-4376.  Cheers!

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