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Residential Wine Cellars Philadelphia Pennsylvania Lititz Update

Residential Wine Cellars Philadelphia Pennsylvania Lititz Update – Processed Video Transcription

Residential Wine Cellars Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Hi, I’m Jerry Wilson, the founder of Coastal Residential Custom Wine Cellars Pennsylvania.  I’m really pleased to revisit a wine cellars Philadelphia project that we recently completed.  We affectionately call this wine cellar ‘The Guitar Wine Cellar’ for obvious reasons.

Our client is not only very passionate about his wine but he also has some pretty cool pieces of art, some things that were very special to him in his life and so we incorporated these items into the wine cellar.  And as you can see, this is an autographed guitar by Bruce Springsteen.

Wine Cellar Design Philadelphia

Wine Cellar Design Philadelphia

Everyone that comes to Coastal Residential Custom Wine Cellars receives at no charge a three dimensional design package which includes not only the overhead view, showing the dimensions of the wine room, and the total bottle capacities, but you’ll get elevations of each wall and each of these elevations are we’ll detail some of the specifics.

In this particular case, you’ll see this is where the opening that was created for the guitar.  And you’ll receive not only that but some three dimensional visuals help you and your family really get a great idea of how the entire wine cellar comes together.

Some additional pictures we have just here like this opening here obviously shows memorabilia.  There’s a piece of artwork where we customize the spacing between the shelves for this particular piece of sculpture here.

This particular residential wine cellars Philadelphia was created in Malaysian mahogany wine racks and we stained them to a color we call chestnut and we put a clear lacquer finish over it.  The clear lacquer finish is a very close match to the actual table that he incorporated or brought into the wine room I should say.  So we really appreciate you stopping by.

If you too have a residential wine cellar that you’d like to see come to fruition, visit us today at Wine Cellars by Coastal.  Mention this video and claim a $250 discount on any custom wine order.  Cheers!

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