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Small Storage Space Turned Into a Custom Wine Cellar

Small space is a common problem of  people who want to have their own wine cellar  at home. The Kapur family, a client of ours  in Short Hills, New Jersey had a big dream of having a custom wine cellar but had limited space (152 inches deep and 53 inches wide). All they had was a small brick storage area.

Kapur's Empty Cellar Before Work Commenced

Kapur's Empty Cellar Before Work Commenced

Coastal helped them turn that small space into a wine cellar which is functional, economical and attractive. Are you planning to invest in a custom wine cellar? Check out these tips:


How Important is it to Make the Right Choice of Wood for Your Wine Cellar?

Many times wine collectors ask what type of wood they should use in their custom wine cellar. Choose the type which is economical and has stability, color aesthetics, sustainability and a non-aromatic quality.

One of the most popular wood types for wine racks is premium redwood. The Kapurs chose this wood for their wine storage because of its elegance and affordability. It comes in a variety of colors that deepen over time, creating a beautiful subtle affect. It is also extremely durable and has a natural resistance to decay. Redwoods are also 100% biodegradable, which makes it a great choice for those who care about the environment. The Kapurs enjoyed great savings while enjoying the beauty of redwoods!

After all, a wine cellar is primarily a storage space for your collection hence, the materials used have to be of excellent quality.


Why Educate Yourself on the Types and Styles of Wine Racks?

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or simply someone who is ready to savor a tasty wine,  you should educate yourself  on the types and styles of wine racks to help you determine which wine rack best fits your wine cellar.

Wine racks are not only functional but they also often add beauty and a touch of class to any room. They type of wine racks you choose will depend on how you want to store and manage your wine. The Kapurs had many over sized bottles and often dealt with large cases of wine in their New Jersey wine storage room. They wanted to maximize the space so the wine racks were positioned along the left side leaving space to maneuver on the right side. They chose open diamond bin racks to store those bottles.  On top of the diamond bins we placed a high reveal display row so they could show off their finest wines. They also wanted to store several standard bottles of wine, so we designed additional storage with universal openings. The Kapurs wanted a place where they could pour and decant wine, so on the back wall we added a tasting table with stemware storage. To maximize space, we surrounded the table with more storage.

Kapur's Custom Wine Cellar Design by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Kapur’s Custom Wine Cellar Design by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars


There are four primary styles of wine racks: modern design, traditional, antique and novelty. Do you want unique shapes and bold colors? Choose Modern Wine Racks. For simple designs, choose Traditional Racks. You may choose Antique Wine Racks because they are artistic or Novelty Racks which complement  specific themes in your home. But don’t forget to look for the following characteristics of wine racks:  strength, hardness, visual appeal and the perfect size to fit the small space of your wine cellar.


What are the Guidelines in  Choosing a Wine Cooling System?

You should pay attention to the wine cooling unit’s compressor or BTU. If you need to cool a larger room, you will also need a more powerful wine cooling unit. Choose a cooling system that offers you many different installation options, provides the most reliable and efficient wine room temperature, uses less power and is affordable. Also give attention to the climate zone you live in, since the requirements for wine cooling in each climate will vary. In cold and temperate climates, humidity control is normally only needed during the fall and winter months and the cooler climate requires a lower ambient protection of the outdoor condenser. However in hot climates, you will need more energy-efficient wine cellar cooling equipment.

The Kapur family chose WhisperKool XLT wine cooling system because it has a high level of accuracy and control in temperature and managing the humidity level. It is specifically designed to be installed in small spaces and could exhaust to an unfinished room that would not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit. By the way, cooling units sometimes fail without proper maintenance. Lint and dust will create blockages which will prevent  the cooling unit from producing cold air inside the wine cellar.

Kapur's Completed Custom Wine Cellar

Kapur's Completed Custom Wine Cellar

Wines do not last forever however, if you intend to store a bottle for a couple of years, make certain the bottles are kept under the finest conditions in your beautiful custom wine cellar. Choose the best type of wood and wine cooling unit for your wine cellar and know the different types and styles of wine racks.


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