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The Right Way to Serve White Wine from a Wine Cellar

We always want to choose a good wine, but how can you appreciate it if it is not served properly? Each type of wine must be served at a certain temperature, to ensure that it tastes as it was intended. Serving wine too cold can mask flavor and aroma and too warm can emphasize less desirable characteristics. Wine must also be served with the proper wine glass to avoid an unpleasant drinking experience. After pulling out a bottle of white wine from your wine cellar, fridge or cooler you must know the proper way to serve it.

Serving White Wine

Serving White Wine Must Be Done Properly

Ideal Serving Temperature of White Wines 

The qualities of a white wine variety is the basis in determining if a bottle that is pulled out from a wine cellar or any wine storage area, needs to be chilled further before serving. White wines are best served at lower temperatures to bring out their fresh, fruity and sweet characteristics.

The ideal serving temperature of most white wines is at 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Richer white wine should be served warmer, while acidic or crisp white wines are best served cooler. Most white wines are best served after refrigerating them for at least one hour and a half and removing them for 30 minutes before serving.


White Wine Glass

Choosing the right wine glass when serving wine is important since it affects how you perceive the wine and how it is directed to the nose and palate. Factors that must be considered in choosing a wine glass are the size, shape and quality.

White wines are best served in a glass with a small rim and volume (10-12 ounces) and a narrower bowl (tulip-shaped or U-shaped). Large surface area is not necessary for white wines since they don’t need to breathe as much as reds. Slender glasses also help the wine stay cooler longer.

White Wine Glass

The Right Type of Glass for White Wines

Make sure that your wine glass has a stem to avoid warming the wine and distracting from the view. Using a wine glass with designs or etchings is not recommended as this will not allow the drinker to fully appreciate or enjoy the wine’s color. Most custom wine cellar owners store or display their wine glass collection in stemware arches amongst their wine racks. It is a good idea to have different types of wine glasses prepared for any wine tasting experience.

Since white wines are the most versatile of wines, several factors must be considered when serving them. Your next wine experience will be a memorable one by following these few guidelines.



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