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Things to Consider in Choosing Wood Species for Custom Wine Cellars

A lot of people come to us concerned about which wood species to choose for custom wine cellars.  In fact, there are many things to think about and consider when building a custom wine cellar.  The type of wood and whether to apply a finish are fundamental parts of the design process.  The look and feel of your wine cellar will be dramatically affected by these decisions.  Here we will provide you with some insight on the things to consider when choosing wood species and finish options that cover not just the look of your wine cellar but also include such things as robustness, green issues, costs, availability and potential natural aromas that could affect your wine collection.

  • Durability – a wood property that is highly considered in building wine cellars, wine racks, wine cabinets, wine cellar doors, and other wine cellar furniture

Specific wood specie that is very much favored for its robustness is mahogany, a vastly dense wood and resists shock and weathering.  Redwood, though not as durable as mahogany, also exhibits resistance to shock and decay.

Malaysian Mahogany From Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Malaysian Mahogany - The Best Wood Specie Used in Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

  • Sustainability – a very important aspect looked upon by those concerned with green building

No other wood specie can offer this feature but redwood, as guaranteed by leading certification programs in California.  Redwood forest in California are maintained under strict rules, thus ensures resource abundance.

Premium Redwood from Coastal

Natural Beauty of Redwood Makes it a Wonderful Choice for Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

  • Ability to withstand high levels of humidity

This is a major requirement since custom wine cellars usually utilize wine cooling systems.  There are two wood species that boast this vital characteristic and these are redwood and mahogany.

  • Cost consideration – an outlook reflected upon for economic reasons

Pine is chosen mainly for its low cost, simplicity, lighter hues, and rustic appearance.  All Heart Redwood is 5% more expensive compared to Mahogany, while Premium or Clear Redwood is 15% less expensive than Mahogany.

Northwestern Pine is a great wood to use for a cellar from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Northwestern Pine - Also a Great Wood to Use for a Cellar from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

  • Exquisiteness – definitely the main interest of many wine cellar enthusiasts

No other wood specie is more worthy to be recognized for its beauty than the redwood, which displays consistent and softer earth color tones.  A more interesting characteristic is that Redwood‘s natural colors turn gradually into more attractive ones.

  • Excellent finishing effects

Final product appearance is also influenced by wood type.  Mahogany is the most flexible wood specie in terms of top coating, lacquer finish, polishing, varnishing, and many other finishing options.

Malaysian Mahogany

Malaysian Mahogany Showing Color and Grain Which Makes It Perfect for Staining

  • Non-aromatic property – another essential asset not to be missed out

It is important to note which wood species are non-aromatic since aromas contained in woods can penetrate the corks used in wines.  Redwood and mahogany are perfect choices for this matter.

Malaysian Mahogany is the best wood specie used in Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

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