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Uniquely Designed Coto de Caza Custom Wine Cellars California Project


Residential Wine Rooms Coto de Caza California

Residential Wine Rooms Coto de Caza California

Custom wine cellars California not only demonstrates functionality, but also exhibits aesthetic quality.  Conceptual design and construction of residential wine rooms is a process that requires collaborative work between wine cellar builders and their clients in order to create the ideal environment for storing and aging wines, as well as for hosting parties and tasting events.

Custom wine cellars California vary significantly in terms of size, style, and shape.  The overall design of a wine storage space depends entirely on its size.  Regardless of where clients decide to install their residential wine rooms, and whether it’s a small closet or a garage conversion, professional wine cellar experts will come up with a design that will not only maximize storage space, but also complement the personality of the owner.

A recently completed Coto de Caza project in Orange County, California demonstrates how a small stairwell area can be transformed into a sophisticated wine cellar space.  Combinations of Mahogany wine racking and VintageView metal wine racks were used to bring the total storage capacity to 514 wine bottles.

Wine Racking for Custom Wine Cellars California in Coto de Caza

Wine Racking for Custom Wine Cellars California in Coto de Caza

Wine racking systems are essential components of custom wine cellars California, as it helps in preserving the taste and flavor of wines.  They are designed to facilitate proper bottle placement wherein the cork maintains contact with the wine, so it stays moist and tight at all times.  Wine storage and display racks come in a range of designs and configurations that can suit different needs and preferences.

For this wine cellar project, the builders installed a mix of Mahogany single bottle storage racks and diamond bins, and VintageView label forward displays.  Single bottle storage racks were installed at one of the side walls.  These racks can accommodate all standard size wine bottles and they come with a 15 degree tilt that allows wine collectors to display their finest collectibles.

Diamond bins were installed at the back wall.  Storage bins are ideal for bulk storage and for storing large format bottles.  For additional storage, label forward display racks from VintageView were installed on the wall opposite the Mahogany racking, to utilize what would have been an unused space.  This type of wine racking does not take up much wall space because it only presents a 4” profile, and it is designed to provide a clear view of wine labels.


Entryway - Residential Wine Rooms Coto de Caza California

Entryway – Residential Wine Rooms Coto de Caza California

Entryway doors for residential wine rooms are purpose built to help maintain the best storage environment for wines, as well as to add visual appeal to the living space.  Wine cellar doors can be custom made to suit design specifications of the client.  For the Coto de Caza project, the builders installed a beautiful 8’ Tuscan style door made from Clear Alder, which came with an intricate wrought iron design that was conceptualized by the client.

In order to maintain the right amount of temperature and humidity, a wine storage space requires proper wine cellar refrigeration, along with efficient insulation and vapor barriers.  Wine cellar refrigeration systems are designed to keep the temperature within 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and to regulate humidity between 60 to 75 percent.

There is a range of cooling systems out on the market that can accommodate various applications.  The wine cellar refrigeration unit for this wine room conversion project in Coto de Caza was supplied by Arctic Metalworks.  They installed a ductless split cooling system that provides efficient and whisper-quiet operation.

Ductless split climate control systems consist of the evaporator unit and condensing unit.  The latter is placed outdoors and the former inside the wine room.  In this particular wine cellar project, the condensing unit was installed on the rooftop, clearly eliminating any noise inside the storage space.  Although the evaporator is placed inside the residential wine room, it is covered by a lattice style Mahogany grill box to hide it from view.

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