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Upgraded Wine Cellars in New Jersey Designed for Looks & Entertaining

Turn your Wine Room into an entertainment paradise. As New Jersey Wine Cellar Installers we design and install a lot of wine rooms, we are though to provide you with details and the second video Wine Cellar New Jersey Freehold in this project! With expanded wine bottle capacity this project’s first phase was built over 5 years ago. Originally built just for wine storage, our client enjoyed and grew his collection to the level where he decided to have us extend the storage racking into a really good looking wine room featuring large glass walls. There are many other features such as a stunning full height horizontal peninsular wine display and a wine waterfall display and the whole lot is built in tonal premium redwood.

Glass Walls Custom Wine Cellar New Jersey

Stunning Glass Walls Custom Wine Cellar New Jersey

Watch the videos and see all the images of the finished job Residential Wine Rooms New Jersey.

We are sure you will agree with us that the end result is a wine room that would be the envy of anyone lucky enough to be invited to enjoy a glass or two in it.

New Upgraded Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey – Freehold Part 2

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