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WhisperKOOL replaces XLTs with new SC Wine Cellar Cooling Units

WhisperKOOL, the leading wine cellar cooling systems manufacturer recently discontinued its standard range of cooling units called the XLT Series. While this series was an excellent product known in the industry for its power and price point, they never the less redesigned and improved the technology, launching a replacement series called the SC ‘Self-Contained’ Series. The new SC Series can accommodate the same size openings, whilst as the same time delivering a number of additional benefits over the old models.

In summary the main benefits of the new self-contained ‘SC Series’ wine cellar cooling units are:

1.            Thicker, larger, coils. These provide increased capacity for refrigerating a wine cellar.   Additionally these now over-sized coils create a greater and more effective heat dissipation profile on the condenser side of the refrigeration units. This is generally where problems can arise in most cooling systems. As poor performance in cooling units is frequently linked to insufficient ventilation, this is a significant design improvement.

2.            A greater and more energetic airflow is now achieved by advantageously mounting the fans at an angle of 45 degrees oriented upward.  This engineering improvement provides a greater distribution of air inside the cooled room assuring that refrigerated air is delivered evenly throughout the wine storage area.  On the condenser side of the cooling unit, clients now have the option of mounting the unit flush to the wall or (the favored method) mounting the cooling units extended into the venting room by five inches.  This new installing option enables the fan side of the unit to more effectively dissipate heat by locating it further away from or the cooling unit, thus circulating the air flow more efficiently maximizing performance.

3.            The upgraded Intelligent (I) controller unit is also a significant advancement over the prior PDT series controller unit.  This new controller continuously checks the performance of the refrigeration unit and then makes needed adjustments should adverse conditions occur (such as a clogged condenser coil) risking damage or compromising the wine cellar cooling units ability to operate effectively.  An alarm function will inform the owner should a problem occur and the “easy to use” keypad will show a specific code linked to remedying the problem.

4.            Lastly it has to be said that the new SC series has a more ‘designed’ look, improving its aesthetics in a wine cellar display area.  A very tough and durable coating inside and out of the unit protects its structural integrity improving the longevity of the chassis for many years.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars have offices in California and Connecticut providing Coast to Coast coverage for wine cellar and cooling unit installation, to learn more visit us at or complete a simple contact wine cellar cooling units request from if you have a question about these products.

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