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Wine Barrel Carvings for Custom Wine Cellars Residential & Commercial – Part Two

Wine Barrel Carvings for Custom Wine Cellars Residential & Commercial – Part Two (A Processed Video Transcription)


Wine Barrel Carvings by Peter Forbes – Perfect for Custom Wine Cellars

Wine Barrel Carvings - Red Back Spider

Wine Barrel Carvings – Red Back Spider

Peter Forbes: I had a client come in who work for a gold mine out of Australia called Red Back Mining.  Red Back being red back spider hood, black spider with a red dot on it.  She wanted a red back spider, she wanted Africa, she wanted gold, she wanted a mine entrance, and something to do with mine.  It’s a mess so we have to come up with something better. So we came up with this wine barrel art.  What we’ve got here is a red back spider.  Do you see it?

Tim: Nice!  I got to tell you.  Since I saw this (wine barrel carvings) a little while ago, I’ve been having nightmares.

Peter Forbes: Ah, good for you.

Jerry Wilson of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars: I remember looking at this one a while back.  It’s one of my favorites.

Peter Forbes: Yeah, we got Africa, spider, the red dot is Africa, and then we have ‘Wine Mine’ so I don’t need to carve the mine entrance which would look like a rock or something and then I did a gold leaf. The nice part of using the tools that I use in wine barrel carvings is I can cut underneath so that the spider actually looks like it’s walking across sand.  So I thought this is a nice representation of all the stuff that she had.  This is kind of fun to put things together.

Tim: So looking on one of those legs, it’s actually there’s a space underneath of it as if it’s coming out of the barrel.

Peter Forbes: Yeah.  There are 2 or 3 of them that you can’t see from this angle, but 2 or 3 of them.  So it actually looks like the spider is walking across the wood.  But it was all done in the oak itself.  I didn’t add anything on to the wine barrel carvings.  People ask me how I know how deep I’m going because I can’t see.  I’m only dealing with maybe varying depth of the wood an inch or so on average.  The interesting thing is because everything I use is from recycled barrels.  I can start smelling the wine that’s been saturated in the oak.  As long as I smell the wine, I know I’m getting near the end.  And I’m getting happier!

Tim: That’s a really cool wine barrel art design.

Peter Forbes: I had a guy call me from Indonesia.  He is a geologist and he is up there in Headhunter Country actually and he asked me to do a Neanderthal man on a barrel, I guess for his man cave.

Tim: You mean literal Headhunter Country because when you say headhunter I think it’s a recruitment guy.

Cave Man Wine Barrel Art

Cave Man Wine Barrel Art

Peter Forbes: No, no.  So we did this one.  He originally wanted just the Neanderthal man on the background with the mask on.  When people see this thing, I know it’s not going to look great.  So I thought I come up with this.  You put this in your man cave, so when people walk in, this guy is looking at you.

Tim: So Peter, I’ve a question on this one.  What am I looking at?  Cause I’m not seeing a wine barrel like the other ones.

Peter Forbes: You are looking straight on the wine barrel.   You’re not seeing the sides.  That’s all.

Tim:  I don’t understand.  So this rim here, what is this?

Peter Forbes: That’s the outside of the wine barrel.  It goes down about 5 inches.  The background there, when I finish doing the piece, I send them the finished picture.  So I put on a cave wall.

Tim: It certainly looks in keeping with the design.

Peter Forbes: Yeah, I can’t help myself in.

Tim: So presumably you do aside from wine barrel carving, you’re also doing other forms of art then?

Peter Forbes: Yes.  Here’s a carving I did.

Tim: Oh that’s beautiful.

Peter Forbes: That’s about 6 feet long, 1500 log cabin.  But those are interior logs.  The small one’s here, the big one’s here.  So we pick one of our trees, 1500 of theirs.

Tim: So how long does something like that take?

Intricate Carving Designs by Peter Forbes

Intricate Carving Designs by Peter Forbes

Peter Forbes: Hard to say because I work on a couple of things at a time.  So probably it took me 3 weeks to a month.  It’s very, very detailed.  You can’t see a lot of the detail because I go in there with a magnifying glass so you can see back here there’s a cabin, there’s a cabin here.  I actually want to carve it, I carve behind the posts, and I have a magnifying glass and there’s a door there.  I actually put a door knob on the door.  Nobody is going to see that but I know it’s there.  With the magnifying glass it was very large and it seems like my thing to do.  So I really enjoy getting into that ‘uber’ detail.

Tim: So for custom wine cellars then, we are not necessarily limited to wine barrel tops like that because basically the limitation is just somebody’s imagination.

Peter Forbes: Yeah! I actually carved a whale bone. Someone brought a whale bone. They said, can you carve a whale bone? So I said, yeah! I’m an artist.  We work really hard to get perspective so I use a lot of perspective in shading to give more depth to it.

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