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Wine Barrel Flooring – Experience Its Uniqueness

When entering a room, the first thing that most people look at is the flooring. It forms the base of any interior design. Have you been wondering about the best flooring for your wine cellar?

At Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, we recommend an exciting flooring idea using reclaimed wood from oak wine barrels. See the value of recycled wood from wine barrels as artful elements in your wine cellar. Make your custom wine cellar a truly unique masterpiece with Coastal’s wine barrel flooring!


Oak Wine Barrel – The Winemakers’ Favorite

The use of barrels to store wines is an old tradition. Wines are fermented in barrels made from chestnut, walnut and other hardwoods, but oak continues to be the winemakers’ favorite. Oak barrels play an important role in wine making. Oak contains Phenols which produces sweetness or vanilla flavors in wines.  Its density and hardness keeps the wine fresh as it ages.  Oak barrels allow some levels of evaporation and oxygenation to occur in wines but not at levels that would cause wine spoilage.

What happens to wine barrels when a vintage is ready to be bottled? Using them again for new grapes is not advisable as the old flavors might taint them. At Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, we reuse barrels for wine cellar flooring instead of letting them be sold as firewood or put into landfills. With the unique conversion procedure that recycles the wood into products suitable for wine cellar flooring, we are able to use all parts of the barrels: the inside, outside, top and bottom, giving you diversity in the color and patterns of your wine cellar floor.


Wine Barrel Flooring Options

What’s fun about wine barrel flooring is you may choose three different barrel parts: outside (Stave), top or bottom (Cooperage) and inside (Infusion). Each option has its own characteristics that would make your wine storage room really attractive and unique!

Stave Wine Cellar Flooring

Stave Wine Cellar Flooring


Add character and historic charm to your wine cellar with Stave Wine Cellar Flooring which makes use of the outer parts of wine barrels where the metal hoops have been removed, leaving distinctive markings or patterns behind. The Stave is the vertical wood that makes up the side of the barrel. It has the shades of golden brown that creates a weathered look to your flooring.



Cooperage Wine Cellar Flooring

Cooperage Wine Cellar Flooring



The markings on the top and bottom of wine barrels are used by wineries to identify its contents. One way to beautifully display those authentic stamps and special markings is by incorporating them into your wine cellar floor design called Cooperage Wine Cellar Flooring. It adds richness to any room and enhances the beauty of your wine cellar because of its very distinctive patterns.



Wine Infusion Cellar Flooring

Wine Infusion Cellar Flooring


Complement the staining options of your wine racks by the rich colored material that comes from the inside part of the barrel. This flooring option is the Wine Infusion Wine Cellar Flooring which makes use of the inner part of the barrel which is naturally stained by wine. Each plank does not have the exact stain, thus creating a unique look to your wine cellar floor which lasts for years.  Oak wood naturally soaks in the burgundy color of wine, so no artificial dyes are needed to enhance the coloring.



We build custom wine cellars with great craftsmanship and we assist you in every aspect of design and materials that fit your needs and style.We highly recommend you incorporate wood from reclaimed wine barrels in your wine cellar flooring design for a truly unique look. Have fun in choosing from three wine barrel flooring options: Stave, Cooperage or Infusion. To ensure that your wine storage room flooring is made of materials with good quality, color and structure, each reclaimed wood is carefully inspected by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. Any of these flooring options can also be used to build counter tops, tabletops and other surfaces.

We can design residential and commercial custom wine cellars with wine barrel flooring in Santa Barbara, California; Baltimore, Maryland; Short Hills, New Jersey; Riverside, Connecticut or any where else in America. If you’re interested in having wine barrel flooring installed in your custom wine cellar, or if you want more information on how to incorporate wine barrels into wine cellar surfaces, visit our wine cellar website for a free quote.


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